Thursday, March 22

Bhilat dev Katha By Guru Gaurav Arya

Guru Gaurav Arya

Founder- Astha or Adhyatm Faith & Spirituality, India

Astha or Adhyatm Faith Spirituality India Astha or Adhyatm™ Astha or Adhyatm is India’s Number one Spiritual Company, it is founded in March 2016 by Astrologer Gaurav Arya. We are providing many types of Services in all over the world. Astha or Adhyatm™ & Faith Spirituality™ is Registered Trade Mark of Astha or Adhyatm Faith Spirituality India. Astrological Consulting Services Super Natural System Paranormal Activity Cure From Black Magic Numerology Vedic Pujan Siddhi & Sadhna Tantra Sadhna (Legal) Horoscope Predictions Vastu Problems Spirit Related Problems Guru Pujan & Deeksha Protection From Negative Energy Er.Gaurav Arya Founder FAITH & SPIRITUALITY Astrologer & Researcher Indian Paranormal Expert, Astrologer & Researcher, Third Eye.


 Astro Gaurav is a great master of meditation, Jyotish, and mythological activities besides, he talks like a friend with their clients.This quality made him different from other so I feel happy and tension free after and consult with him.He is having depth knowledge of astrology.And also he gives a suggestion for his client's problems.He is available 24x7 for his clients and helps persons in every manner.

Dr.Stuti Tripathi (Professor ) Lucknow, U.P

 Hi, my self Abhi I am doing Pvt job in Dabar last year I was very depressed from my diseases.without reason I am taking medicine and response is zero.I have lost money too.So my Sister told me about Sir Gaurav Arya when talked to him felt very relaxed and confident.Sir Gives me next appointment then he told me some amazing upaye and some solution and also he told me "use this upaye totally 40 days" after following the upaye in 20 days my medicine are stopped and I got promotion in my next company and got a very amazing package in the company.

Abhi ,Baddi HP

When first time I talked to Guru Ji i feel very energetic and well relaxed.I was very tensed about my career and job because always i was felt very confused.Sometimes in depression, i thought about suicide but Guruji told me about my life aim, he told me that i can't be a success in Engineering if Ill do work in engineering then i can't be satisfied with my life and, i will feel always not happy.He suggests me a small business which is related to milk and now i am very happy that my income is very satisfactory.

Adesh Kumar sharma (Bussinessmen) Moradabad.

I was very stressed about my job in 2013, the company was terminated me without any reason.After searching many and many times jobs in market i was unable to get a job.My friend told me about Gaurav Bhai and i called him, he gives me an appointment after 2 days.He told me the reason for leaving my job and he suggests me a Gemstone and some Upaye.I was following my upaye suddenly I was got a call from a Company near my home Gajraula (U.P).

Thakur Rohit Chauhan ( Mechanical Engineer, Automotive domain) Bijnor U.P