Saturday, July 21

7 Things You See In Dreams and Their Meanings

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7 Things You See In Dreams and Their Meanings

A research was conducted in ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan to look at brain scans while identifying the visual symbols of dreams.


You are getting more Motivated and positive hope you are getting.


water means cleansing and purity. When you see a waterfall, it means washing away old troubles and problems and opening yourself up to new opportunities.


If You see the death of anyone it doesn’t mean someone is dying, it may be someone getting born, or improve health.


Dreaming about money shows luck and your self-worth. People, who see money in their dreams, have usually woken up with a feeling of gratitude.


It is very hard to dream it means you are some risk in your life or in any event, sometimes it shows illness.


it means someone to passing away.



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