It is blood red and yellowish in complexion and cruel. It is a fire sign. It is an odd rasi, male and rises with its back (prishtodaya). It has a prominent physique and is courageous. It is a quadruped and strong during night. It resides in the east and is related to kings; it is a Kshatriya rasi. It wanders in hills and forests (movable sign) and predominates in Rajoguna (which is the second of the three gunas, namely, Satthwa, Rajas and Tamas and is responsible for great activity in living beings). It is related tominerals  licauses bilious complaints and liver disorders. Its ruler is Kuja (Mars) Those born in Mesha Lagna will therefore be active and courageous, enthusiastic and interested in travel, if Mars is well placed and strong if he is ill-placed they may be aggressive and domineering or overbearing.

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Those born in Mesha rasi are likely to suffer from disorders of the eyes; they will be compassionate, wealthy, they enjoy music, are religious minded, courageous and they love to eat fish. The Mesha rasi rises with its back, it has a slightly red or yellow complexion; it is cruel, bilious in the constitution; lacks luster; well-proportioned in physique; wanders in mountain ranges, is only slightly interested in women and has limited progeny. It is firm in resolve and loud in speech. Those born in this lagna have the following characteristics They are fierce in temperament, are egotistic, wealthy and auspicious. He is prone to rage, harms his own people, is bold and adventurous, is helpful to others.


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