Astrological Analysis of Mercury-Sun conjunction

Astrological Analysis of Mercury-Sun conjunction

Identifying with your thoughts. Self-absorbed thought patterns. Fusing together your identity and the way you think. Becoming overly fond of your own ideas. You are what you think. I am my thoughts. Thinking and being fused together. Self-identified tricksters. Self-identified nervous wrecks. To exist is to communicate. Communicating is part of who you are. Talkers. To be yourself you must find a way to communicate who you are. The method of communication you choose defines you.

You realize yourself by expressing your thoughts find out who you are through your ability to express yourself clearly have to speak up for yourself have to speak up on your own behalf must learn to let the world know who you are and what you want.


Exploring communication methods gives you the tools you need to become better aware of who you are. The more clearly you communicate, the better people understand what you are about. Clear communication affects your vitality affects your ability to be creative. Clear communication influences how much you feel about yourself. Frustration comes through poor communication skills. Writing, speaking, teaching and listening are skills that, when developed, encourage personal growth.

Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 10th house

You identify yourself as a writer, teacher, instructor, blogger, or person who has something important to say. You may give more weight to your words than is warranted. Myopic. Can‟t see past the end of your nose. You are so closely identified with your own thoughts that it never occurs to you that you might be wrong. If someone challenges your viewpoint it feels as if they are challenging you. Ego and thoughts wrapped up together. Lack of objectivity. Needing to communicate who you are.

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People for whom affirmations work. Cultivating the habit of being consciously aware of what you are thinking. Developing mindfulness. A relentless inner monologue. Having an internal narrator. Being consciously aware of the tendency to narrate your life as you are living it. Writing an autobiography.

Being so wrapped up in thinking about yourself that you are never fully present in your own life. Spending a lot of time thinking about what people think about you. Self-centered thought patterns. Because there is such a strong link between your mind and who you are, your words match your core self. Impossible to separate how you think about who you are. Curiosity.

Inability to keep your attention focused. Scattered objectives. In addition to communicating through spoken language, communicating through body language in the form of being a dancer, using physical gestures are moving around a lot of possibilities. Comedians who use slapstick or physical gags.

Mimics. Impersonators. People who like puzzles, games and solving riddles. Storytellers. Salespeople. Hawkers. Barkers. Carnies. Ad men. Talking heads. News anchors. Taxi drivers. Bus drivers. Chauffeurs. People who like to bike around town. Skateboarders. Gossips.

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Sibling relationships have a strong influence on who you are. You identify with your siblings. Dad strongly identified with his own thoughts he was a thinker he likes games & lacks objectivity he had a strong relationship with a sibling. One of your father‟s siblings had a strong influence on him. Your father has manual dexterity. Your father works with his hands shines through his intellect he is a reader.

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