Ayurdaya or Dirghaayu yoga (Longevity)

Ayurdaya or Dirghaayu yoga (Longevity)

Sun, in deep exaltation, give 19, Moon 25, Mars 15, Mercury 12, Jupiter 15, Venus 21 and Saturn according to Maya, Yavana, Manitha, and Saktipurva.
Where a planet is debilitated he cuts away half of the term of life and in the middle rasis he three. The lagna is supposed to give that number of years, which is represented by its amsa, be similar to the rasi. A planet in an unfriendly sign cuts one-third of his term unless he is except Venus and Saturn, cut off half their term of life.

Evil planets in the 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, and 7th away 1, ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/6 and 1/8th of the term respectively. If benefics occupy the same houses, they take away only one half of that which says that, if there are many planets in any one of the houses, only the most powerful among life granted by it.

If an evil planet occupies the birth the number of amsas, etc., passed by the lagna must be planetary terms of years, etc., and then divided by 108, and deducted from the total term benefic aspects the above conjunction, half of this must be deducted.

Men and elephants have 60 x 2 years as terms of life and 5 days more. Horses live 32 years. Buffaloes and bullocks live 24 years. Dogs have 12 years. Goats etc., 16 years.

If the last navamsa of Meena becomes lagna. If Mercury is in the 25th minute in Vrishabha deep exaltations, the person gets the utmost limit of life, viz., 120 years and 5 days.

Vishnugupta, Devaswami, and Siddhasena have given similar longevity. There is one serious their theory because according to them, no children can die above 8 and below 20 years which They have further stated that those who have this longevity will also become emperor long and still be beggars

Jeevasarma says, on his own responsibility, that each of the planets gives one-seventh of the above. Satyacharya says that each planet gives that term of life which is indicated by the navamsa be approved of by many astrological experts.

Convert the intended planet’s position into kalas; divide this by 200; the quotient, if divisable, years, etc. A planet in exaltation or retrogression will give 3 times the term of his life. If he is in Vargottama navamsa or drekkana he gives double the period.

Lagna gives similar number of years as it has advance in the navamsa. If it is very powerful malefic is in lagna no deduction should be made on this account. Do not take the terms of stated before.

If birth falls in Kataka and Guru and Chandra are in it, Budha and Sukra in the kendras, the very long and mathematical calculations for longevity do not apply to such a combination

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