Born on the 4th of the month

  1. If you were born on the 4th, you are hard working. You have compassion for people although you are never overly emotional, thus making you appear tactless at times.
  2. Being born on the 4th day of the month should help make you a better manager and organizer. You are responsible and self-disciplined Sincere and honest, serious and hard working individual.
  3. Limitations may be imposed by this 4 energy, especially if this number is active elsewhere in your birth date. Your feelings are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times. The number 4 has something of an inhibiting effect on your ability to show and express affections, as feeling are very closely regulated and controlled.
  4. You are apt to be much more practical, rational, and conscious of details. There is a good deal of rigidity and stubbornness associated with the number 4.You are a hard worker and a conscientious person.
  5. You are precise and take great care in what you do. You are highly-principled, disciplined, and responsible. You take your obligations very seriously. You are highly ethical.
  6. You can be proud and upright, but, conversely, you are not particularly arrogant.
  7. You have compassion for people. You tend to persevere in the face of an obstacle or personality problem.
  8. You love your family and make a wonderful friend. Yet, you are not overly emotional, nor very demonstrative of your love.
  9. You are constantly focused on the foundations of your life — whether it is in business, career, or family matters, you take care of the basics. You are highly rational.
  10. Yours is the slow, patient approach, sound and secure. You also like to be in nature.
  11. You are a natural organizer and manager. People — especially relatives and co-workers — tend to rely on you.
  12. You can be stubborn and rigid. You must work at being more flexible. You often experience frustrations and repression.
  13. You can sometimes be rather tactless at times. Be careful to avoid excess work and missing out at smelling the roses of life.
  14. You are suited to occupations –auditing, architecture, army, construction.

Born on the 5th of the month

  1. Being born on the 5th instils certain adventurousness in you. You crave the wild and unexpected. Travelling and meeting other people is one of your core interests, you are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them. You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas.
  2. You love change and travel. You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable.
  3. Your mind is quick, clever and analytical. Restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine. You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility.
  4. You have enormous curiosity and yearn to see far-off places and meet exotic peoples. Your arena is the world itself, and it is just a matter of time before you are off once again on another excursion.
  5. You are highly-adaptable and need excitement. You relate well to others and have an easy way with words. In fact, you have a talent for promotion, public relations, and, for some, writing.
  6. Your social skills are highly refined. Your ability to communicate and promote a product or event makes you a natural salesperson. You work well with others as long as there are not too many restrictions.
  7. You have trouble being bound to a desk or within an office. You can easily feel cooped up and trapped unless there is much variety and change in your life. You become bored and restless easily. You may be a little irresponsible and need to learn discipline and orderliness.
  8. You have a quick and analytical mind. You may be over- confident and headstrong. However, you are highly creative and can usually come up with a remarkably workable solution to most problems — either your own or those of others.
  9. You can be impatient and impulsive. You may be inclined to many romantic affairs.
  10. You can also overindulge your senses in food, alcohol, sex, and drugs. You must be careful to protect your health from the excesses of your tastes.
  11. Professions suited for you are: writing, real estate, insurance, public relations

Born on the 6th of the month

  1. A birthday on the 6th of the month adds a tone of responsibility, helpfulness, and understanding to your natural inclinations.
  2. Those born on the sixth are more apt to be open and honest with everyone, and more caring about family and friends, too. This is a number associated with responsibility and caring, and lends a degree of concern for others.
  3. You are family-oriented and have a talent for settling disputes between people to the satisfaction of both sides.
  4. You are usually generous people who like helping others in need even to the extent of sacrificing yourself. This is also why you can make a good doctor.
  5. Your lesson in life is to work with the whole subject of balance. You must come to truly understand the ancient and fundamental principle of opposites that seek harmony. Whether the realm is the emotions, caring for others, finances, work, or play, you must learn where you can be of service, exactly what you can do, and what are your limits.
  6. You have a considerable amount of artistic talent. You have a deep appreciation of beauty and art. You are highly responsible and will do without in order to fulfil a debt.
  7. Your focus is on relationships. You want to help others, and have a talent as a healer and could make a profession of the healing arts, either as a nutritionist, alternative health therapist (acupuncture, massage, for example) or doctor.
  8. You need to know you are appreciated. Criticism leaves a very damaging impression on you. You take it deeply to heart. You will sacrifice your own comfort to support and help others.
  9. You are generous, kind, and understanding. You can be highly emotional and given to extremes in sympathy and sentimentality.
  10. You must learn to provide more than merely a shoulder to cry on. Study and the development of your healing skills bring you great rewards in life.
  11. You love beauty, comfort, music, ease, harmony and luxury.
  12. You love children but get little happiness from them.
  13. Family and friends influence your career choices.
  14. Wearing silver ring is good for them
  15. You are born romantics and you may be inclined to many romantic affairs and Marriage is early in your life.
  16. Professions suited for you are: photography, doctor, healer, art, medicine, jewellery, boutiques, and food.


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