Hi all, the following is the GEneral prediction of Venus transit in Tauras.

Venus will be going into its own ruled sign which is Taurus. It will be there till 26th July and then it will move to Gemini. The sign Taurus is an earthy sign. The natives born in this sign are very cool minded and have a lot of patience.

One cannot imagine how much they tolerate before they lose their mind. but once they do get out of their minds then sanity lies in running away from that place. The effect of this transit on various natives could be as follows:

Effect of Venus Transit in Taurus :

  • Aries, Happy Times Ahead

    There will be gains and happiness in the family. You may get some favors from natives of opposite sex. You will have good and costly food and may buy new garments. There will be family gatherings and occasions to celebrate with friends and family. You will like to have more sweets in this period.

    • Taurus, Be Traveler

    Mind will remain fresh and full of humour. You will have the pleasure of union with your partner. You will enjoy time with friends or family. You will enjoy travels, those who are into the business of travels will enjoy this period.

    • Gemini, Be Cautious Be Safe !

    There will be many expenses and you will have difficulty in sleeping properly. Love matters will have problem and you may think to end you love affair. You will want to have physical relations secretly in this period. Many of you will be seeding it.

    • Cancer, Don’t over Spend 

    You will get help by your friends and seniors. There will be overall happiness and special favours may come from natives of opposite sex. You will spend time and money on friends. You will have favours coming from seniors.

    • Leo, Great Professional life Ahead

    Work progress will be fine. You will be doing things in a better way. There will be harmony with your co fellows. You will pay more attention towards your dress sense. You will want to have a the best attire as much as possible.

    • Virgo, Money is coming to you

    Money will come from connections abroad or far off from your place. You will make new friends. You will do some charities and travel to destinations with scenic beauty. Business people may find new partners in far off countries.

    • Libra, Be Careful

    Health issues may disturb, sexual activities may take a halt. You will feel more irritated and will want more money. You may get gifts from your in-laws. There are chances to get some money from old policies and mutual funds. You will have some kind of planning in mind to harm some one. 

    • Scorpio, Control your Senses

    You will have more than usual sexuality in mind. You will give time to your partner and will enjoy physical pleasures. You will have a good feeling going under your mind. You may suffer from from some sex related problem.

    • Sagittarius, New Job Waiting

    Salaried people will have a good performance and there can be a chance to switch to new job with better salary. Minor health issues will be there. There can be gains from commissions.

    • Capricorn, Enjoy this Period Guys

    You will have good time during this transit. You will have good news from your off springs. You will have more recreation and enjoyment with family this month. You will make some profits from stocks. You will have more enjoyment than focus on work. Your studies will be disturbed due to focus on recreation.

    • Aquarius, Keep Enjoying

    Some renovation may be done in this period. You will decorate your house. You may refurbish your vehicle. You will have good relations with elders of your family. Your mother will have good health.

    • Pisces, Time for family ties

    You will have better communication with your peers. Your relations in extended family will become better. Your neighbours will support you in some or other way. You will have short travels and you may find some attractive people during the course. You will have thoughts to go for some higher course than present. Those of you who are into creative arts will have good performances.

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