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Effects of 3rd lord in various houses in a horoscope:

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  • If the 3rd lord is in the ascendant, the native will have self-made wealth, be disposed to worship, be valorous, and be intelligent although devoid of learning.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 2nd, the native will be corpulent, devoid of valor, will not make much efforts, be not happy, and will have an eye on others’ wives and others’ wealth.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 3rd, the native will be endowed with happiness through coborn and will have wealth and sons, be cheerful and extremely happy.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 4th, the native will be happy, wealthy and intelligent but will acquire a wicked spouse.
  • If a the 3rd lord is in the 5th, the native will have sons, and be virtuous. If in the process the 3rd lord be conjunct or aspected by a malefic, the native will have a formidable wife.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 6th, the native will be inimical to his coborn, be affluent, will not be well disposed to his maternal uncle, and be dear to his maternal aunt.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 7th, the native will be interested in serving the king and be not happy during boyhood but at the end of his life.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 8th, the native will be a thief, will derive his livelihood serving others and will die at the gate of royal palace.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 9th, the native will lack paternal bliss, will make fortunes through wife and will enjoy progeny and other pleasures.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 10th, the native will have all kinds of happiness and self-made wealth and be interested in nurturing wicked females.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 11th, the native will always gain in trading, be intelligent although not literate, be adventurous, and will serve others.
  • If the 3rd lord is in the 12th, the native will spend on evil deeds, will have a wicked father, and will be fortunate through a female (or wife).


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