9-11. When the Sun transits through the sign occupied by the Moon (Chandra Lagna) the native will suffer from fatigue and loss of wealth. He will become short tempered and will be sick. He will perform journey which will tire him.

The effects of the Sun’s transits through the other houses from the Moon will be as follows :-

1st – wearisome journey, fatigue, diseases.

2nd – Loos of wealth, unhappiness, obstinacy andvictim of deceit by others.

3rd – Acquistion of a new position, gain of wealth, happiness, freedom from diseases and destruction of enemies.

4th – Diseases, impediments to sexual enjoyments.

5th – Mental anguish, ill health, humiliation in all possible ways.

6th – Freedom from diseases, destruction of enemies, removal of sorrows and anxieties.

7th – Wearisome jorneys, stomach disorders, trouble in the anus and suffering humiliation.

8th – Fear, diseases, quarrels, royal displeasure, suffering from excessive heat.

9th – Danger, humiliation, separation from close relations and mental depression.

10th – Success in a great and important undertaking.

11th – New position, honour, wealth and freedom from diseases.

12th – Sorrow, toss of wealth, quarrels with friends and fever.

  1. The Moon’s transit through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will yield the following effects:—

1st – Dawn of fortune

2nd – Loss of wealth

3rd – Success

4th – Fear

5th – Sorrow

6th – Freedom from diseases

7th – Happiness

8th – Unhappy and troublesome events.

9th – Sickness

10th – Fulfilment of ambitions

11th – Joy

12th – Expenditure.

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