13-16. The following effects will be realised from Mars’ transit through the various houses reckoned from the Moon:-

1st – Mental Depression, separation from relations and diseases caused by impurity of blood, bile and heat.

2nd – Fear, exchange of hot words and loss, of wealth.

3rd – Success in all undertakings, acquisition of gold ornaments and, happiness caused thereby.

4th – Loss of position, stomach disorders and sorrow through relations.

5th – Fever, unnecessary desires, mental agony through son, quarrel with relations. .

6th – End of strife and withdrawal of enemies, freedom from diseases, victory, gain of wealth and success in all undertakings.

7th – Misunderstanding with wife, eye diseases, stomach-ache and similar disorders.

8th – Fever, anaemia, loss of wealth and honour.

9th – Humiliation through of wealth, difficulty in walking due to weakness and wastage in the several constituent elements of body.

10th – Misbehaviour, failure in efforts and exhaustion.

11th – Gain of wealth, freedom from diseases and increase in landed property.

12th – Loss of wealth, sickness caused by exessive heat.

  1. The following effects will be realised by the passage of Mercury through the various houses reckoned from the Moon:-

1st – Loss of wealth

2nd – Gain of wealth

3rd – Fear from enemies

4th – Accrual of wealth

5th – Quarrel with wife and children

6th – Success

7th – Misunderstandings

8th – Gain of wealth and birth of children

9th – Destruction in undertakings

10th – Happiness all round

11th – Increase in prosperity

12th – Fear of humiliation.

to be continue…

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