22-23. Saturn in his passage through the various houses reckoned from the Moon, will produce the following effects :—

1st – Diseases and performance of funeral rites.

2nd – Loss of wealth and children.

3rd – Gain of position or employment and acqusition of wealth and servants.

4th – Loss of wife, relations and wealth.

5th – Diminishing of wealth, loss of children and confusion of mind.

6th – Happiness all round.

7th – Suffering to wife and danger during journeys.

8th – Loss of children, cattle, friends and wealth, and suffering from diseases.

9th – Loss of wealth, obstacles to the performance of good deeds, death of an elderly relative equal to father and perpetual sorrow.

10th – Indulgence in sinful actions, loss of honour and suffering from diseases.

11th – All kinds of happiness, gain of wealth and receipt of unique honour.

12th – Engagement in a business bringing no gains, loss of wealth through enemies, and sickness to wife and son.

  1. Rahu in the course of his passage through the various houses will cause the following effects :—

 1st – Sickness or death.

 2nd – Loss of wealth.

 3rd – Happiness.

 4th – Sorrow.

 5th – Financial loss.

 6th – Happiness.

 7th – Losses (of wealth).

 8th – Danger to life.

 9th – Losses (of wealth).

 10th – Gains (of wealth).

 11th – Happiness.

 12th – Expenditure.

Note:—The author has not given the effects of the transit of Ketu. Probably they will be the same as those of Rahu.

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