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Exceptions to Kuja dosha

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Exceptions to Kuja dosha

General remedies to Kuja dosha

Kuja dosha gets canceled in some special conditions as defined below:

When Kuja is in its own sign Mesha, exalted Karkataka or in the houses owned by planets considered to be his friends viz., Ravi, Guru, and Chandra.

Exceptions to Kuja dosha If Kuja is in the 2nd house but in the signs of Mithuna or Kanya.

If Kuja is in the 4th house but in Mesha

If Kuja is in the 7th house but in Karkataka or Makara.

Exceptions to Kuja dosha If Kuja is in the 8th house but in Pisces.

If Kuja is in the 12th house but in Vrushaba or Tula.

For Karkataka and Simha lagnas, Kuja is a yoga Karkataka and so no dosha wherever it is placed.

For Kumba lagna, if Mars is in the 4th or 8th house.

If benefic Guru or Sukra occupies the ascendant.

If Kuja is in conjunction or aspected by Guru or Chandra.

If Kuja is in conjunction or aspected by Ravi, Budha, Sani or Rahu.

Kuja Dosha is considerably reduced, if Sani aspects the houses owned by Kuja, but subject to the other planetary positions in the natal chart. Remember that even if a person has severe Kuja Dosha, after the age of 28, the effects of Kuja Dosha are reduced.

General remedies to Kuja dosha

People who are afflicted with severe Kuja Dosha should marry a person having the same quantum of Dosha. Also, such people should worship Lord Hanuman daily, by reciting Hanuman Chalisa. They should visit the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Another remedy is to keep an idol of Kesariya Ganapati in the pooja room and worship Him every day.

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