Fame and Astrology (Part-3)

Analysis of various charts came to the following conclusions:

  • The best indicator of fame is Moon. To determine the odds for fame, popularity and public appeal, an analysis of the Lunar aspects are extremely revealing. As the second most important feature in the horoscope, the Moon reveals our basic personality traits. The amount of popularity we enjoy and the general response others have to us is shown in the condition of the natal Moon, therefore it is an ideal indicator of potential fame. If the Moon in your natal chart is in a prominent position – in a Kendra or trikona – exalted or own house or by several aspects to other planets, you could be on your way. These show a natural potential for appealing to the masses.
  • Not everyone with a prominent Moon becomes famous, but it definitely is a major factor in that direction. Some are famous without a prominent Moon, but they usually have some very heavy emphasis in a particular area of their chart, such as a stellium of planets in an angle.
  • Without a prominent Moon, and without such a stellium, you can still achieve fame, but it involves lot more work to accomplish this. With Mars conjunct Jupiter, though, you definitely have the potential energy to work hard to achieve fame, if that is what you desire.
  • The tenth house, the 9th house as well as the 5th house also represents fame. The nature of the sign, lord of the sign, planets posited therein as also the aspects the sign is receiving are all important factors before deciding on whether the native will attain fame or not. It is noteworthy to mention that an afflicted 12th house or 4th house may make one shy away from fame.
  • Above all we should not forget the 1st house as it represents fame also. Hence Lagna and placement of Lagna lord are also to be considered.
  • Ashtakavarga System also throws some light on attaining fame through the bindus or dots gained by a planet due to his placement.
  • Maharishi Parasara has the following to say in regard to combinations for fame: One will be endowed with fame, if Moon is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is in a trine from 10th House and Lagna Lord is in Lagnas angle. Similar effects will come to pass, if 11th Lord is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is strong and gives Aspect to Jupiter. Fame will come to the native, if 10th Lord is in 9th House, as Lagna Lord is in 10th House and Moon is in 5th House.

Now it is time to frame some rules to find out the answers to at least some of the questions raised above. These are the 10 commandments for getting fame.

  • Lagna lord and 10th lord strongly placed without malefic interventions.
  • Karaka for public is Moon – Hence Moon should be strong in the chart.
  • Jupiter or Venus should have some connection with Moon-conjunction, aspect or placement in Kendra or trikona to Moon.
  • Fame is related to image. Hence Arudha Lagna and planets in Kendra/Kona to Arudha Lagna are vital.
  • Connection between 5th and 10th house as also between 5th and 9th house.
  • Position of lord of 10th from Moon and his associations.
  • Since the 10th house plays a major role in establishing fame, let us call it as the HOUSE OF FAME. If the lord of House of Fame occupies a Kendra or Kona from the house of fame, fame is likely to come. But he cannot determine fame, he can only support by his placement. That is to say that the position of lord of House of Fame in a Kendra or Kona definitely ensures support for the native in achieving fame.
  • The next person who assists in getting fame is the planets placed in Kendra or Kona to the lord of House of Fame.
  • When Jupiter or Saturn conjoins or aspects the lord of house of fame or placed in an angular position fame results.
  • For Diurnal births, it is observed that Jupiter plays an important role where as for nocturnal births Saturn takes the place in determining the fame. Placement in a Kendra or Kona from Lagna or Arudha Lagna or House of Fame is vital for this rule.
  • These are not the end of it, it is only the major influences which make a person famous. Various innumerable combinations do bring popularity which should not be forgotten.


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