Male Natives

  • Physical features: Normally a tall and fat figure. Large countenance and long nose. A black mole in the right side of his neck.
  • Character and general events: The native enjoys a happy existence. He is lucky in several respects. He has a neat behavior. He shows extreme sincerity in all the work he undertakes. Religiously also he is much inclined. He enjoys good reputation for his social work. While he is clean hearted, he is hot tempered also. He does not have the requisite patience or tolerance. Once he heats up, it will be very difficult to calm him. But later on he repents over such expressions when it is too late. However, he will not admit his fault at any cost. Even if he is convinced that he has done a wrong thing he will not admit the fact. However, he has good reasoning and is tactful.
  • Education, sources of earnings / profession: He has an independent nature. However, he undertakes all the responsibilities and does the same in a perfect manner. He does not like to deceive others or to be deceived by others. He can shine well in the profession or work where public contact is required. This success is attributable to the inherent quality of behavioral techniques. However, he earns a good amount as commission out of the public dealings. He is not sincere in his own affairs, whereas he is sincere in other’s work. Once he takes a decision nobody can change the decision. Since he is a born hard-working person he can reach a good position through his hard work. He is suited to the profession as a teacher, writer or research fellow in the scientific field. In some cases it has been noticed that he earns extra money out of tuitions. Period upto 32 years of age will be a period of complete darkness. Thereafter slight upward trend commence upto 38 years of age. From his 38th age onwards, his progress is much faster and achieves much of his desires. A smooth sailing in his life goes on upto his 62 years of age. He will be lucky to earn fame and wealth during his fifties. He has only self acquired assets. He is good in mathematics or engineering, astronomy and astrology. He can also be successful in advertising business.
  • Family life: His married life will be more or less good. He is quite contended with his family life. His wife will be most efficient.
  • Health: His health will be generally good. However, he is prone to body ache, dental problems, gastric trouble, liver and intestine problems.

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