सूर्य ग्रहण योग (Surya Grahan)

Guru and Rahu

When Guru and Rahu in the same house they making chandal yoga .Different houses and different degrees’ giving different effects in kundali.
suppose Guru is 5degree mars and Rahu is 5deg. mars .that is the very strong chandal yoga Because they are very close to each
First u want know .Guru is a teacher and Rahu is a theif they making a team together to create a certain things in life because it takes positive effects of Guru away.
Guru is known as wisdom, knowledge, wealth healthy family life but Rahu is an opposite from Guru. Guru is the damaged by Rahu it is more practical.
Rahu with the Guru and the Guru of Saturn conjunction with the dictates ,and creates stress, Much hardwork is required, But hard to make the character .
Mahakal Puja sacrifice ends Chandal Yoga.
Respect your teachers and parents do not have any type of mental distress.
Thousand names of Lord Vishnu Mantra. Resources and continually recite Bhairav Chalisa.
Muscle Guru to use saffron and turmeric. Thursday and Saturday Senvn wines AND NEVER smoke.
Thursday day AND elderly people Offer food to the tree service.

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