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Karma (Profession)

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Karma (Profession)

From Sun, etc., the acquisition of wealth must be predicted thru father, mother, enemy, friend, servant respectively, when he occupies the 10th house from birth or Moon, or thru lord of
the lord of the 10th, from birth, Moon or Sun


 If the lord of the navamsa is Sun, the person gets wealth thru scents, gold, wool, medicines, wealth flows thru agriculture, watery products and dependence upon women, etc. If the lord gets money thru minerals, fire, weapons, adventures and physical strength. If the lord of the obtained thru writing, math, poetry and fine arts


If the lord of the navamsa is Jupiter, he gets money from Brahmins, priests, Gods, in mines charities. If that lord is Venus, he makes money by gems, silver, cows, buffaloes, etc. If he’s labor, by execution, carrying and by low artisanship. The source of income may be such as lord of the navamsa occupied by the lord of 10th in transit


 Planets give wealth similar to the houses they occupy. If Sun is exalted and powerful, the acquisition. If powerful benefics are in lagna, 2nd or 11th, he gets money in many ways

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