First house

Sun. Sun is in debilitated sign in Lagna. Sun gives love of justice, peace and harmony. The native is courteous, pleasant and agreeable. They are even tempered, affectionate and generous. There will be many ups and downs in life. Disrespect in old age. Worried and of doubtful nature. Loss through Govt.; victory over enemies, successful hopes and fortunate actions.Moon. Preferment and dignities, honours through merits, success through industrious efforts. High ambitions, gain through mother and Government; relations with opposite sex. Comforts from conveyance. Respectful to elder. Medium age, may be afflicted with rheumatic pains.

Mars. Handsome, wealthy, love of women and benefit through them. Connections with the law. Public enemies, also in unions and partnership. Money comes readily. When afflicted obstacles through money which may be hard to accumulate. Loss through enemies. Bad stomach and afflicted eyes.

Mercury. Lords of 9th and 12th houses when posited in Lagna or Ascendant, indicates long journeys, learning, fortunate with strangers, foreigners, wife’s relatives and voyages. Animosity, heavy troubles, sorrow, loss through enemies. Danger of imprisonment or disablement, requiring hospitalisation. Loss through woman, wealthy and licentious. Eyes will be afflicted.

Jupiter. Comforts and gains from children, blessed with long life, religious, wealthy and respected, pilgrimage, comfortable life. Concern with affairs of brethren and neighbours, writings, learning and accomplishments. Loss through servants and sickness through irregularity.

Venus. Fond of music, dance, poetry and perfumes. Relations with opposite sex. Gain through women. Bestows power over enemies. Wealthy, respected and comforts from children. Self made man. Good health, harmony in married life if not afflicted. Legacies and money. Death by irregularity.

Saturn. Saturn is a Yogakarka for Libra ascendant and it is exalted in Lagna. It will bestow fortunate inheritance, gain through land, property or parentage. Makes the native, wealthy, respected, of good habits and nature. In middle age adulterous, unhappy. Loss through enemies. Average life span. Pleasure seeking, healthy and cordial relations with people.

Rahu or Ketu. Long life, many enemies, changeable residence and of bad thoughts. Journeys in life, two marriages or women. Danger from reptiles. Good luck in old age.

Second House

Sun. Money through personal efforts, gain through friends and acquaintances and hard work. Devoid of comforts from brothers.
Moon. Gain through trade, industry and Govt.; or parents. Gain of ancestral property. Wealthy and respected, knowledge of many languages. Less progeny.

Mars. Gain by marriage and own hard work, heavy losses in early life, losses through unions, partnerships, contracts, law-suits, public enemies. Loss through women and death of partner.

Mercury. Gain of money through foreign merchants or the sea. Learning, science publications, inventions and banking. Gain through secrets and the occult and large animals. Worries and loss through enemies and
generally fortunate conditions.

Jupiter. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys, writings, music
etc. Losses through sickness; servants and animals. Well aspected gain through service, employees and small animals, pleasure or young people. Command over foreign language, a few brothers. Respected and comfortable old age.

Venus. Gain through women and hard work, benefit through industrious activity. Gain by partnership, collecting debts, and gain through the deceased. If afflicted losses and wants. Loss through partnerships etc. One will be licentious and sweet spoken.

Saturn. Disrespected, dishonest, devoid of progeny and if blessed gain through them. Gain through investments, pleasure and children. Gain through deals in land, property and estates. Interest in domestic science. If afflicted poor education, low type profession, diseased mother, long life, strained relations with elder brothers, weak eyesight and bad teeth, subject to throat disease.

Rahu or Ketu. Gain of money through unauthorised sources. A cruel and quarrelsome native Swelling in eyes. In latter part of life, there will be comforts and wealth. The native will feel happy but will not be respected.

Third House

Sun. Friendship among kindred and neighbors. Friends through writings and journeys. Wealthy, respected and fond of music, dance, drama etc. Number of brothers. Gain from maternal relations.

Moon. Respected, gain in honours and advancement through partner’s relatives. A native of brave and sanguine temperament, many enemies. Honours through short journeys, writings and accomplishment. An average financial condition, no gain from brothers. Gain through business trips and Governmental commission.

Mars. Lords of second and seventh houses is posited in third house. It denotes gain through education, writings brother, neighbours and short journeys, but enmity with some of the brothers or neighbours, brave and or rash temperament. Annoyed over triples, many enemies, difficulty through writings or contracts. Religious or legal disputes, troubles or short journeys. An average financial condition.

Mercury. Learned, intelligent, soft and sweet spoken. Accomplishments and progress through research, travel, investigations, explorations, travels or writings. Successful in hopes and plans. Faith in religion, many brothers. When Mercury is weak or combust reverse results. Disappointments, sorrows, and troubles through some of the kindred, friends or neighbours. Troublesome short journeys and writings. Interested in knowledge of occult science.

Jupiter. Benefits through learnings, writings, short journeys. Learned and intelligent. Many brothers and gain through them. Knowledge of many languages. Pilgrimage. Interest in studies and methods of healing and industrial economy. There may be some strained relations with brothers or kindred and sickness also.

Venus. Beautiful or handsome native, respected, sweet and soft spoken, comforts from wife, mental development, short journeys. Less gain from brothers and relations. When Venus is afflicted, there will be break in educations, restricted developments, troublesome relations. Since 8th house lord is in third house it may indicate danger of death on short journeys, death of brothers, psychic and mysterious experiences.

Saturn. Poor, gloomy, strained relations and loss through brothers. Last part of life happy. General life full of ups and downs and turmoils, powerless enemies and under debt when Saturn is ill placed and badly aspected.

When strong being a yogakarka for Libra ascendant, it will confer pleasure through kindred, liking for travel, drama, sports and adventure. Journeys with or through children or young people. Gain through brothers.

Rahu or Ketu. Quarrelsome and obstinate. Many brothers and gain through them. Litigations and disputes in life. Fickle minded and of bad temperament.

Fourth House

Sun. Inheritance and gain. Fortunate in property. Respected and famous. Wealthy. Love for father. Success and accomplishment of hopes. The parents may be separated in early age. Worried and Owner of house etc.

Moon. Wealth, respect and comforts from conveyance, land and property. Gain and honour through parentage land and property. Success at close of life. Troubles and worries from internal relations. Interest in reclamation, colonization, cooperative movements, horticulture, mining, architecture and archaeology.

Mars. Estate or benefit through parents, land or mines. Property by marriage, a chaste wife and happy married life. When Mars is afflicted, indicates litigations over property, robbery in house, loss by investment in property and mines. Afflicted health of mother and may be disrespected or ill famed.

Mercury. Ecclesiastical or scientific, inheritance, possessions through wife’s relations. Travel on account of family affairs or wife’s mother. May there be loss or great difficulty through property, father, wife’s secret sufferings, restrictions or limitation at the end of life. A worried or troubled life.

Jupiter. In debilitated sign. Generous and well respected. Intelligent and learned impressionable and sweet speech. Lucky and wealthy, builder of temples, inns, and charitable places. Since it is 6th lord it will give sickness of father through worry and changes. Sickness of native through anxiety and troublesome home or domestic affairs. Troubles through servants in the home. Travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. If afflicted reverse are the results. May deny birth of male child.

Venus. Respected and wealthy. Fond of music, knowledge of law and other languages. Comforts from conveyance. Limited progeny. Gain through lands, mines, inheritance and possessions, home connection and affairs with the father. Success late if life, occult investigations. Gain in property through the deceased, probably by the death of parents (being 8th Lord) When Venus is afflicted, it will give death of parents, danger through falls and falling buildings, floods and storms.

Troubles over inheritance, Lord and property. Few children and difficulty through them.

Saturn. Yoga karka planet in fourth house is in his own sign and denotes gain from immovable property, acquisition of property and conveyance. Gain from superiors and Govt.; loss of money, good health, ill health to mother. Kidney trouble. Assistance of father, benefits and profit in the place of birth. The native’s children profit through gifts from their grandfather. Love of home.

Rahu or Ketu. A worried and troublesome life. Residence or travel to foreign land. Devoid from the comforts of parents. Under debt and poor. Enmity with relations. Unwanted expenditures in life.

Fifth House

Sun. A propensity to pleasure through gambling and children. Many love affairs. Respected and famous. Grief of children may result in untimely death of a progney. More troubles and turmoils in middle part of life.

Moon. Children may suffer from sickness but rise to honours. Gain and honour through speculations, pleasure, young people, sports or the stage, Wealthy, respected and owner of land and property. Gain from children in life. Lucky and happy in last part of life.

Mars. Gain by speculations, investment, pleasure, entertainment, young people and children. Abortions. The native marries and enjoys much pleasures thereby. Loss of earned and accumulated money. A native of rash temperament.

Mercury. Liberal or of unconventional ideas. Free living. Learned. Fond of opposite sex, takes pleasure in science, voyages, philosophy, airflights, foreign investments and speculations. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love. There can be loss through speculations also.

Jupiter. Respected, famous and wealthy, Pleasure journeys, mental pleasure through children but they will remain sick. Pleasure through brothers, reading, study accomplishments and travel to pleasure places. Illness due to over indulgence in pleasure and sports resulting in loss of accumulated wealth. Death of some nearest relative.

Venus. Wealthy and learned. Unfortunate children or death of some one, danger through excessive pleasures, speculations, sports and recreations.

Saturn. Middle part of life troublesome, not well educated, death of
child, worried life, defamed due to some accusation and eye trouble. But when aspected benefically reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Rahu frees the native from many troubles calamities and dangers. Favourable for children with land, life and are fortunate. The native gains some public employment or office and fond of pleasures.

Ketu in 5th house is not good. It may deny the native from any issue or may portend their destruction suddenly or violently and may become disobedient. Excessive or irregular pleasures produce much harm.

Sixth House

Sun. Brave and victory over enemies. Faithful servants and beneficial circumstances. Friends among working and army, navy or service people. Grief from parents, loss of ancestral property and through law suits.

Moon. Modest wordly position, gain and honour through service, employment, army or navy affairs. Many enemies, may be disreputed. May face worries and troubles upto middle of life and face debts.

Mars. Gain through inferiors, hygience and services. Marriage below status, has sickly wife and evily disposed employees. Strained relations with relatives. Loss of ancestral property. Weak stomach.
Mercury. Many enemies, troubles through employees, difficulty through work in foreign lands or in connection with exporting limitations on account of sickness.

Jupiter. Some servere illness, command over foreign languages. Difficulty through brothers, interest in study of social economy. Financial condition not sound, grief and worries from wife and children. Many enemies and losses through relatives and friends. If well aspected, reverse results are indicated.

Venus. Dangerous sickness, loss of money earned by employment and through those who may keep it. Licentious and adulterous. Many enemies and loss through women. Disease of wind etc. are indicated.

Saturn. Stomach trouble, diseased, disputes with relations, under debt, loss of agricultural land, disrespected. Loss of professions through sickness, servants and animals. When well aspected reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Worried or troubled through enemies but victory over
enemies, loss of property and respect through the Govt.; change of residence. A worried and troubled native.

Seventh House

Sun. A loving partner with desirable friendship and social connections, success in law suits. Respected, famous and wealthy. Blessed with land and property. Gain through brothers.

Moon. Gain through law suits and dealing with the public generally. Honours and reputation assisted by an honourable marriage and partnerships in responsible concerns. Connections with many women. Respect and gain through mother’s relations. Intelligent and learned. Travel in foreign country. Gain from Govt.; and business.

Mars. Marriage in a good family, gain by marriage, contract business and dealing with others, specially with women. Brave and courageous. Victory over enemies, success in law suits, a progressing partner, but likely one who grows cold or proves untrue or hostile. Brothers will be prosperous and gain of wealth and respect through them is also indicated.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent. Knowledge of many languages. Public enemies through religious, scientific or sea faring people. Marriage to a stranger be opposed to the native. Grief from wife in middle age. Troubles through deceit and treachery through unions, contracts, partnerships and law suits. Sickness, discord and opposition of partner, trouble through women generally.

Jupiter. Marriage as a result of journey, writing or with one of kin. Long life, generous and truthful. Average life up to middle age, under debt, worried, quarrels through servants difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Troubles with employees. Last part of life will be comfortable. If afflicted reverse results.

Venus. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. Association with other women and fond of opposite sex. Generous, gain and comforts from conveyance. Favoured, respected. A jolly and submissive nature. A man of rank and powers. If afflicted loss and trouble through law, union and open enemies. Marital happiness, May there be death of partner, danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war.

Saturn. Saturn is in enemy’s camp. Ugly women, difficulties in childhood, rash temperament greedy, slow workers, many enemies, influence of opposite sex, mainly remain in foreign country, diseased wife, disturbed family life. No gain from journey and business. Comforts in old age.

Rahu or Ketu. Rahu in 7th house lessens the number of enemies, increased profit dealing with others and portends delight and gain through opposite sex whose influence may benefit the native. It is testimony for a wise and wealthy partner.

Ketu denotes many enemies, calumines raised by enemies or competitors, contentions and difficulties with partner but is also portends the death or destruction of enemies.

Eighth House

Sun. Death of friends, gifts or legacies from friends. An easy demise. Loss of ancestral property, law suits, danger to respect and may face punishment. Many enemies and opponents. Devoid from the comforts of parents.

Moon. Gain and honours in handling the estate or money of others, also through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased person. Many enemies, difficulties in early part of life. Short life (subject to afflicted or weak Moon and other checks). Troubles through relations. Last part of life will be very lucky.

Mars. Death of wife of partner, some inheritance but difficulty over it, loss of money through marriage and partnerships if afflicted. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead or through money of the partner. If afflicted loss of legacy, money through the financial loss of others, as bank failures etc.

Mercury. An unsatisfactory end and medium life. Many misfortunes, secret enemies die, trouble over inheritance. Persecution regarding religious, scientific or educational convictions also through publications. Gain by long journeys concerning legacies or good of deceased persons. Death of partner’s kindred. Psychic experiences. Strained relation with learned persons.

Jupiter. Long life, grief of brother and friends. Honest and respected man. Troubled early life, dangerous illness, death of servants, animals, poultry etc. Financial rewards for faithful work and service. False accusations, or trouble on account of death or bequests. Death at the hand of a cruel enemy.

Venus. Birth of sons, respected, concern over affairs of dead and with money of partner and finances of others. Death through irregularity, occult experiences, mediumistics, a comfortable fixed partner.
Spiritualistic experiences.

Saturn. Short life, more sons than daughters, diseases in early life, respected, and reputed. Comfortable middle life. Foreign journey, diseased and comforts from conveyance. Suffers through children who may die before the native. Loss through speculation and gambling. Gain by legacy or estate.

Rahu in 8th house promotes health and conduces to longevity, testimony for gifts and legacies and gain by those deceased.
Ketu denotes loss of goods through deception, sudden or violent death. Danger from poison, worried and troubled.

Ninth House

Sun. Gain and success through long journeys, respected and famous, gain from parents property, friendship through travel or learning. Friends among educators, ministers, writers, explores and inventors.

Moon. Honourable voyages, professional journeys, honours through learning, writings, publishing, research or philosophy. A religious or intellectual, mother’s care, training and efforts. Wealth and honest.

Mars. Marriage through stranger, from a far. Gain by partner’s relatives, partner’s journey to foreign lands. Gain by books, trading at sea, long journeys, philosophy, religion, science and wife’s kindred. If afflicted reverse the results.

Mercury. Pilgrimage, travelling for education, scientific or religious purposes, prophetic dreams, many fine qualities. Splendid possibility through culture and development. Long journeys, secret missions, investigations, exploration, secluded, research. Learned, intelligent and generous.

Jupiter. Long life, journey to foreign land, gain through philosophy, publishing and science, danger through overstudy. Generous, wealthy, intelligent, gain through relations, sickness abroad at sea while travelling. Work in connection with foreign affairs or universities. Expenditure on religious and charitable institution.

Venus. Ancestral property, respect, favour and gain from Govt.; Wealthy, long journeys, religious or psychic experience. A beautiful and well versed wife, respect and gain through her. Prophetic dreams. Interest in science, invention, law, philosophy and matters of higher mind. Old age will be comfortable and lucky.

Saturn. Acquisition of money, happy, respected, high status, comfortable during young life, good and harmonious relations and gain from father and mother’s brothers. Dutiful children and gain from them. Pleasure in foreign land.

Rahu. Rahu indicates the improvement in the mental qualities and gives success in educational, legal or studies. Favourable for voyages and foreign affairs. True dreams and prophetic intuition.

Ketu. Afflicts the faculty of faith and portends miserable or unfortunate voyages, curious dreams, unreliable promotions. Trouble or danger of imprisonment in foreign lands.

Tenth House

Sun. Friendship among those of good position. Gain and honours through those of high standing in social, business or Govt.; circles. Respected, wealthy and famous. A native of power and authority. Profit from ancestral property. Happiness and gain from brothers, respect from officers and rulers.

Moon. Gain and honour through profession, honorary office or Govt.; employee. Success aided by mother’s care, training and efforts. Comforts after troubles and worries. Reverse results when afflicted or weak.

Mars. Gain by occupation, profession, merchandising. Govt.; wife’s parents. A honourable partner beneficial to the professional carrier.

Mercury. Honour, credit, influence of opposite sex, adulterous and esteem through science, literature or travel. Success in foreign affairs. Sorrows through mother or inlaws. Liability to disgrace. Discredit and preservation from superiors and authorities.

Jupiter. Wealthy, intelligent and famous. Professional and honourable journeys and gain through them, renown also through writings or other accomplishments. Intelligent and gain through brothers. Respect and authority from Govt.; comforts from conveyance.

Venus. Gain and comforts from conveyance. Successful in hope, merit, honour, perfermental success, rise to high social or professional position. Other person will lose money by him, according to the planet’s aspect. If afflicted reverse the results.

Saturn. Honourable children, renown in speculations. Gain in possession by trade, profession, public or Govt., work or by fruits of earth. Gain from in laws. When afflicted it makes the native anti-religious, cheat, liar, irritable temperament, disrespect and litigations.

Rahu confers on the native honours, credit and high position by merit of industry and ability.

Ketu denotes loss of position through deception, treachery and adverse public conditions such as sudden depressions, changes or failures.
Eleventh House

Sun. Respect, regards and wealth well defined hopes and successful wishes. Wealthy and a native of rank and power. Gain of parental property, brave and courageous. Many friends and beneficial acquaintances. Friend among unique, ingenious, original or radical people. Gain through brothers.

Moon. An honourable fortune, a comfortable and happy life after middle age. Eminent friends among legislators and those in high or professional position. A law suits but recovery from worries. The native is helpful to his associates and others. Ambitious and ideal.

Mars. Gain or loss by friends and accidental fortune. Fond of company of religious persons. A native will lead an independent life. Grief from the death of brother in the middle age. Friends become public opponents or enemies. Journeys to lands in the company of religious persons. Marriage to a widow or widower with children but liable to trouble through them.

Mercury. Fortune friendships on voyages and friends among foreigners and foreign lands. Acquaintances among travellers, scientists and legislators. Adulterous and fond of opposite sex, waste and loss of money through women. Under debt. Sufferings on account of religious or other convictions.

Jupiter. Fortunate through brothers. Intelligent, learned and generous. Comforts from conveyance. A wealthy and respected native. Hopes and wishes accomplished through progressive studies.
Correspondences with friends, through journeys and gain through them. Respect, good rank and favour from Govt.;
Sickness amongst friends and family. Hopes depend too much on acquaintances. Interest in legislative activities, political and social
welfare. In middle of life, one becomes under debt.

Venus. No dearth of enemies, rheumatic pain, danger of defamation, loss of wealth, reversal in business and profession, strained relations with brother, litigation when afflicted. But when well aspected then great attachment with children and friends. Happy conclusions to the hopes and wishes, friends through speculation or pleasure among legislators, ambassadors and sportsman, Many hopes and wishes attained in old age.

Saturn. will be learned, dear to people, be an author of treatises, be very skilful, and be endowed with many sons and wealth.
fear of secret diseases, he will be liberal, virtuous, charitable, and helpful to others.

Rahu. Rahu in eleventh house indicates meritorious friendships, acquaintances which assist in the realisation of hopes and wishes.

Ketu denotes undesirable associations, loss of opportunities, and of hopes. Wrong advice and false friends. When well aspected reverse result are denoted.

Twelfth House

Sun. Intelligent, respected and will hold a power and authority. Gain from Govt. generous and of sanguine thinking. Deceitful friends who may cause much sufferings. Sorrowful friends. One may become worried due to unwanted expenditure but will soon control them. Kind to everybody. Good friendship amongst occult people. Pleasure in peaceful, quiet, harmonious or secluded places.

Moon. Position of 10th lord in 12th house is derogatory. It indicates loss of office or honour, dignity etc. through business associates who become secret enemies. Unfortunate environments and conditions. Professional secrets. Difficulty in employment. Limitations relieved by the studies of recondite science or metaphysics. If well aspected and strong then favourable results.

Mars. A native of independent view and living. Many enemies. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows, jealous, vexation and sickness. Law suits after middle age. Partner or opponents may cause imprisonment or fear of it. Danger of death at the hands of enemies if 8th house lord is afflicted. Gain by affairs of secret nature through hospitals, occult investigations and by large animals.

Mercury. Difficulty and loss in business. Sorrows through religion, science, journeys. If a writer or inventor has a hard time to complete his work and put it to the public. In middle or latter part of his life seeks seclusion for development, occult learning etc., and makes long journeys for the same. Powerless enemies, secret investigation, fondness of animals. Limitations, afflictions and adversities prove to be blessing in disguise by developing inner growth of understanding. Early life full of difficulties.

Jupiter. A teacher or professor. Great sorrows through brothers. Secret sufferings. Occult learning. Seclusion or estrangements from brothers or kindred. Many enemies who will be source of worries. Danger of enemity and imprisonment while travelling. Respected. Unwanted and uncalled for expenses. Sickness or work in large institutions. Work of secret or mysterious nature. Interest in archaeology and submarine life. Grief from children.

Venus. Loss through opposite sex. Difficulty over inheritance, death of secret or private enemies. Great sorrows, fear or anxiety due to death or imprisonment. Less respect. A happy man inspite of many adversities. Gain and benefit through understanding of the occult and secret missions. Success in middle life.

Saturn. Gentle, difficulties in early life, loss through enemies, loss of money and expenditure more than income. Unhappy life. Afflicted health. End of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult subjects. Children may cause secret sorrows. Ruin through speculations. Pleasure through the investigation of things of mysterious and research nature.

Rahu. Rahu denotes gain by secret methods or in seclusion, and success in occultism.

Ketu. Indicates frequent harassment by the mechanisations of the secret enemies. Liability to imprisonment or restraint and restrictions. Unfavourable to health, inclines to self undoing.

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