Wednesday, August 15


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  1. Aries will have round red-eyes, will be fond of vegetable food and will eat hot meals but in a moderate degree ; will be of a quickly relenting nature, will be fond of travels and of sexual union ; will be of weak knees; will possess no permanent wealth ; will be fond of fight and of women ;will be skilled in serving under other men ; will have disfigured nails and a wounded head ; will be haughty, will be the eldest of his brothers ; will have lines in his hand of the shape of the weapon known as Sakti; will be fickle minded and will be afraid of water.


  1. Taurus will be of fine appearance and of beautiful gait; will possess large thighs and face ; will possess marks on his back, face or sides ; will be liberal in his gifts ; will bear misfortunes ;will possess great influence and authority ; will have large hump on the neck ; will have daughters ; will suffer from phlegmatic affections ; will be separated from his kinsmen, wealth and sons ; will be liked by all men will be of patient nature ; will be a great eater ; will be fond of women ; will be attached to his friends and will be happy both in middle age and old age (a).(a) And therefore unhappy when young.


  1. Gemini will be fond of women, will be skilled in sexual union ; will possess red eyes ; will be learned in the Sastras ; will carry messages ; will possess curling hairs and a sharp intellect ;will be skilled in wit, in discovering the thoughts of other men and in game ; will possess beautiful features ; will be of sweet speech ; will be a great eater ; will be fond of music, and skilled in the rules of dance; will join in sexual union with hermaphrodites ; and will possess an elevated nose.


  1. Cancer will walk fast with his body bent ; will have a high hip ;will be subject to the influence of women ; will have an excellent friend ; will be learned in Astrology ; will have numerous houses ; will have a wealth which will increase and decrease as the Moon ; will be short ; will possess a thick neck ; will be capable of being won over by kind words ; will be attached to his friends and will be fond of water and forests.


  1. Leo will be of irascible temper, of large cheeks, broad face and brown eyes; will have very few sons; will hate women ; will be fond of animal food, forests and hills; will continue angry at trifles for a long-time ; will be afflicted with pains caused by hunger, thirst, stomach-ache, tooth-ache as well as purely mental anxieties ; will be liberal in his gifts ; will be bold in fight ; will be of fixed principles ; will be haughty and attached to his mother.


  1. Virgo will have lovely eyes and slow gait through modesty ; will have his shoulders and arms sunk or depressed; will live in comfort ; will have soft body and speech ; will be truthful, will be skilled in dance, music painting and bookmaking;will be learned in the Sastras; will be virtuous and intelligent, will be fond of sexual union ; will enjoy .the house and property of other men ; will live in foreign lands ; will be of sweet speech ; and will have daughters and very few sons.


  1. Libra will respect the Devas, Brahmins, and holy men ; will be intelligent (a) will never covet the property of other men ;will be learned in the Vedas ; will be subject to the influence of women ; will be tall ; will have a raised nose; will be of thin and defective limbs and fond of travels; will be rich ; will be a trader ; will bear the name of a Deva coupled with an excellent surname granted by a body of learned men ; will be sickly ; will protect his family and will be disgraced and rejected by his kinsmen.


  1. Scorpio will have broad eyes, a broad breast and round shanks, thighs and knees ; will be separated from his parents and preceptors; will be afflicted with diseases when young; will be respected by the king’s family ; will be of brown color; will not be of a straightforward nature ; will have lines in his hand and feet of the shape of the fish, the Vajrayudha  or a bird ; and will endeavour to conceal his sins.


  1. Sagittarius will have a long face and neck ; will inherit his father’s property; will be liberal in his gift ; will be a literary author ; will be powerful and skilled in speech ; will have large teeth, ears, lips and nose, will engage in numerous works ; will be skilled in fine arts ; will have indistinct shoulders, disfigured nails and large ^arms ; will be of and intelligent, will be fond of sexual union ; will enjoy the house and property of other men ; will live in foreign lands ; will be of sweet speech ; and will have daughters and very few sons. deep and inventive intellect, will be a man of right understanding;will hate his kinsmen ; will never yield to compulsion but only to kind treatment.

10.Capricorn will be ever attached to his wife and children ; will do deeds of virtue for outward show; will have weak lower limbs, good eyes and a thin waist; will readily understand what is spoken ; will be liked by all and slow at work ; will not bear cold ; will be of a wandering nature,liberal or powerful and a literary author; will be a niggard and will be attached to old women of low caste will be shameless and merciless.


  1. Aquarius will have a neck like that of the camel, a body covered with muscles, rough and covered with hair; will be tall ;will have large feet, thighs, back, buttocks, face and lower belly ; will be deaf; will be attached to the wives and property of other men and do wicked deeds ; will rise and fall by turns ; will be fond of flowers and perfumes ;and will be attached to friends and will walk without Feeling tired.


  1. Pisces will be a dealer in the produce of the sea and enjoy the property of other men ; will be fond of his wife and clothes will have perfect limbs, a bright body, long nose and large head, will put his enemies to disgrace, will be subject to the influence of women, will have beautiful eyes, and will be fair; will enjoy hidden treasure; will be rich, and learned.



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