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The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Rahu

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The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Rahu

Rahu (Dragon’s head)

  1. Form: Rahu is black in colour and is tall in stature. He suffers from skin- diseases. He is a heretic.He speaks falsehood and ill of others.
  2. Direction: South-west.
  3. Significations: Paternal grand-father, serpents, scars, cheating, skin diseases, accidents, violence, worship of Durga, fever, snakes and other reptiles having poison in the mouth, jugglery, danger from poison, hands, twenty yojanas, hysteria, imprisonment, foreign languages, backbiting, quarrels, deception, amputation, excessive speech, stealing, theft, robbery, deeds and occupations considered low for one’s caste etc.
  4. Stone: Agate
  5. Grain: Black gram.

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