The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: The Mars

The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: The Mars

1.Form: Mars is reddish in color. He has a youthful form. His body is lean and slender 10 at the waist His head is square. His gaze is fierce and is directed upwards. His height is seven yojanas.

2. Temperament: By nature Mars is very cruel. He is fickle-minded and ferocious. He is rash in his actions but is extremely generous. His body is warm.

3. Guna: Mars represents rajas guna.

4. Direction: Mars rules the southern direction.

5. Rays: Mars has five rays.

6. Age: His age is four years.

7. Grain: Dal and red grains. Other Significations:

8. He represents thick red colour, fire, bricks, power, thorny trees, wild animals, mosquitoes, bugs, sheep, bones, brothers, lands, houses, anger, war, instruments, thieves, marrow of the bone, bitter taste, energy, prowess, sin, wounds, battles, enemies, daring acts, cruelty and torture, roaming in forests, bronze, golden waist-string, pomp and show and a house on fire.

9. Strength: He is strong during the night and during the dark lunar half.

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