FIRST HOUSE:- Danger from weapon, fire, danger from death of self and also of wife, head and eye ailments. Success denied inspire of his best efforts. In some cases lion-like courage.


SECOND HOUSE:- Thinking kinsmen and wealth have no value to him but he can protect his wealth just as a monkey can protect the necklace without knowing its use-no gains from either. No one would dare to discuss with him again.Hostility and stinginess at times become cartelistic- also miserliness. Wealth (inherited) wasted/ fines/ spent on litigation.


THIRD HOUSE:– Strength in arms/ shoulders, wealth by industry, observes religious rites and practice asceticism but most of such persons are brave, industrious, productive, talented and prosperous. Some are generous and get royal Lagan (Scorpio) favour. Exalted Mars in this house become fortunate.


FOURTH HOUSE: No gain through friends and relative. Even defying wife in some cases. Royal favors (Government service/ high position). Honors and awards. Textiles/ fabrics/ cloth- business/ factory etc. will bring fortunes. The native has the energy, force and enterprise but impulsive and liable to err.


FIFTH HOUSE: Sharp appetite and good digestion. For ladies, can cause abortion and also delivery of child by operation. Under strained and unquenchable desires. Bad drams and evil mind can make the native wicked, mean and also crippled.


SIXTH HOUSE: Brainy and prosperous, defeated by powerful enemies, some get robust body and fiery looks but may turn their back in the battle field. Not favorable for maternal uncles. Loses wealth but accumulates again.


SEVENTH HOUSE: Worse place for marriage and married life. Unfortunate in various respect. Troublesome opponents Loss of partner (wife). Working/ residing in foreign lands. Denial of sex by wife. Disastrous and violent death of husband.


EIGHTH HOUSE:     Even Jupiter/ Venus (benefic) may not help in miserable conditions. Accidents/ enemies. Even friends become enemies. Efforts for industry/ business do not fructify various hindrance. Other planets in trines/ kendras may help.


NINTH HOUSE: Sharp, rational and brilliant. Fortunate, lucky, no elder (brother or brother-in-law). In some cases, hard work/ industry unproductive. Benefits come from previous birth. No gains from elder brother/ brother-in-law. No rewards for his intelligence- Vicious/ immoral, wealthy, reputed but may cause trouble to father.


TENTH HOUSE: Thought Mars get directional strength but denies marriage and other auspicious functions in the family. Professionally bright- may have plenty of servants/ attendants. Even born in middle/ low family- get lion like success. Some become uncrowned leader. Self made, influential.


ELEVENTH HOUSE: Not good for children. Gains from trading in cattle including elephants/ house/ camels. Though wealthy but shabbily dressed to conceal his wealth-blessed with gold, copper, coral, conveyance, royal favor etc


TWELTH HOUSE: Financial ruin-attacks by weapons/wounds etc. Rumors to defame (scandals), danger from thieves, enemies, mean and depraved by own actions. Disputes/ litigation, trouble though employees-misfortunes.

  • War , explosion, change of Governments, Mass deaths etc. all attributed to Mars specially when with malefic Rahu and Saturn either by association or conjunction or by aspect.

According to mantreshwar’s phaladeepika’s, Mars in Lagan can make the native cruel and also valorous. Also short lived, 2nd house Mars, may not give good looking face but native would be bereft of mother/friends with Mars in 4th house, 5th house Mars may deny children, 6th house Mars may make wealthy and capable of vanquishing enemies, undesirable actions for Mars in 7th house and also produces strong manglik dosha. Mars in 8th house gives diseased body and can deprive him of wealth including inheritance, 9th house Mars can give various troubles though the native may be favorite of king, 10th house Mars speak of cruelty but charitable nature. Mars in 11th house can make the native wealthy/ happy, Mars in 12th can make the native cruel and tale-bearer etc.


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