Planetary Combinations for Foreign Travel

Planetary Combinations for Foreign Travel

Lagna/Lagna lord in a moveable sign/dual signs: if the Lagna and Lagna lord both are in moveable signs ( 1,4,7,10) or dual signs (3,6,9,12) then it would indicate foreign travel. Lagna indicates self so when the sign which indicates self and the lord of that sign is in moveable or dual signs which indicates movement it can mean foreign travel for the person. 
7th house is the house of foreign country and so is the 12th house. 9th house indicates foreign travel. So if the Lagna or Lagna lord makes a connection with the 7th house/7th lord, 9th house, 9th lord or 12th house/12th lord it can mean foreign travel. The connections can be a conjunction, aspect, mutual exchange, or one lord placed in another’s house.

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 Lagna/Lagna lord makes a connection with Rahu. Rahu again indicates foreign country so it’s being placed in Lagna or Lagna lord in conjunction, mutual aspect with Rahu can mean foreign travel.
4th house signifies home so 4th house/lord in connection (conjunction/mutual aspect/mutual exchange/aspect) with 7th/7th lord, 9th/9th lord or 12th/12th lord can mean foreign travel.

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 4th house is the significator of home so natural malefics (Sun. Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn) in the 4th house will take a person away from home. Malefic in the 4th house indicates unhappiness from home so it will take him away from home to give him unhappiness as a result of staying away from home
 Same rule applies to the 2nd house of family. i.e malefics (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Sun) in the 2nd house will result in the person leaving his family. Malefic in the 2nd house has to make the person unhappy in regard to family matters so it will take him away from family to suffer detachment from family.
The dasha of 7th, 9th or 12th lord, or of planets connected (mutual aspect, conjunction, mutual exchange, aspect) with 7th house/lord, 9th house/lord, 12th house/lord indicates foreign travel. Dasha of Rahu also indicates foreign travel as Rahu is a significator of a foreign country. Dasha of Jupiter can also indicate foreign travel as Jupiter is the 9th and 12th sign (9th and 12th houses are foreign travel) of the Kaalpurush zodiac (natural zodiac).

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Also, Badhakesh/Badhaka sthana shows problems living in own home country. So in its Dasha, a person may have to leave the home country. Most of the astrologers consider Badhakesh as malefic but in case of foreign travel or foreign residence, Badhakesh actually gives a favorable opportunity in its dashas.
According to Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra:-
“For all movable signs, the 11th house therefrom is the badhaka sthana, For all fixed signs, the 9th therefrom are their badhakasthana and for all the dual signs, the 7th therefrom are their badkasthanas.”
Badhak the word literally means to Obstruct meaning oppressing, harassing, paining, opposing , hindering, injuring, prejudicing from the root verb ‘baadh‘ meaning to press , force, drive away, repel , remove.

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