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Planets For Love Marriage

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Planets For Love Marriage

Mahadasha-antar-pratyanter of native also plays an important role. If is it good then success will come easily.
• The exchange between 7th lord and 5th lord.
• An exchange between 12th lord and 2nd lord.
• Combination or aspects of 7th lord and ascendant lord.
• Combination of a 2nd lord and 12th lord in 2nd, 5th or 12th house.
• A combination between 2nd lord, 5th lord, 7th lord and 12th lord.
• Combination of the ascendant lord with 7th lord, 5th lord, 2nd lord and 12th lord.
• If Moon is associated with the ascendant lord in ascendant or with the 7th lord in 7th house.
• If Venus posited in 5th or 9th house, according to ascendant or Moon sign.
• Placement of Rahu in ascendant may be the Yoga of Love marriage if Jupiter has no relation to the 7th house.
• Jupiter and Venus is the main ruling (KARAKA) planet of marriage and married life. So these both planets play an important role in Love marriage.
• Rahu on the seventh lord, Saturn or Venus increases chances of love marriage.
• Combination of Rahu and Mars in 7th house is also a signification of love marriage.
• If the 7th lord combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus or Libra sign then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.
• If the 2nd lord and 2nd house has relation with Mars according to the ascendant, Moon sign, and Sun sign, then the native get love marriage.
• Combination of the fifth and the seventh house and mutual aspect or sign exchange causes love marriage.

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