Sun in 7th house effects

Sun in 7th house effects

Sun in 7th house Positive effects

  • If the sun is placed in the 7th house then the native gains from business
  • but not in good amount.
  • If the sun is strong in the 7th house then, the native has only one wife.
  • He conquers the war.
  • The native enjoys the royal status and is liberal.
  •  He enjoys a good married life only when there is a cooperation of spouse.
  • Sun in the 7th house gives the pleasure of females.
  • Sun in 7th house makes the good relationship b/w husband and wife.
  •  Sun in 7th house gives the opportunity for going abroad in the 25th year.
  • Sun in 7th house makes the native humourous.
  • Royal status, good reputation in partnership.



Sun in 7th house Negative effects

  • If the Sun is placed in the 7th house then the native does not enjoy good health.
  • l The native feels tensed all the times because of the fear of unknown enemies.
  • l Married life of the native is not good as Sun in 7th house creates problems between them.
  • l In spite of doing many efforts in business, the native does not many gains from his business.
  • l The native feels strong attraction for the females.
  • l He gets punishment from the king or he shows disrespect towards him.
  • l The native shows enmity towards females and shows disgrace towards them.
  • l The native is a bad natured person and is a very angry person.
  • The native is not respected by the ladies.
  • l The native does not have a beautiful body.
  • l He does not get the comforts of vehicles.
  • l He is devoid of marital bliss and spouse.
  • l In the absence of spouse he is incapable of performing worldly
  • virtuals i.e Dharma, Artha, Kaam, and Moksha.
  • l The native gets humiliates everywhere.
  • l The spouse of the native is of bad character.
  • l He does not get good any progeny.
  • l He suffers from
  • l The native is of an unstable mind and a wrongdoer.
  • l He is of the medium stature.
  • l The color of his body and eyes is of honey colors.
  • l The color of native is hair is yellowish and he looks ugly.
  • l The native is poor.
  • l People do not treat him as a respected person.
  • l The native’s body is lean due to fear of kind and other problems in his life.
  • l Sun in the 7th house causes the delay in marriage.
  • l The native has two wives, after the death of first he marries another or even in the presence of one he marries another.
  • l The native has extramarital relationships as the married life of the native is not good.
  • l The native eats the things which are uneditable.
  • l debilitated Sun or Sun in the inimical sign gives multi-relationships.
  • l Spouse of the native is egoistic.

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