Saturn Planet

It is one of the most prominent graphics of the all the Navagrahas. He is the son of Sun God and Chayadevi. He is the older brother of God Yama (God of Death). He is tall and dark, with red eyes that have very powerful vision. He is supposed to have a limp and he is considered to move very slowly — He is called Manda gamana (slow walker). His Vahana (Vehicle) is a Crow. His favorite colors are blue and black. Blue sapphire is the gemstone associated with Him. Shanivaar (Saturday) is His day, and Til (sesame seeds) are the grains associated with Shani Graha. Also called Shaneshawar Maharaj, Shani is the King of Kaliyuga because He represents Iron and this current age is the Iron Age.
Saturn is a very powerful planet and capable of turning a pauper into a king, or a king into a pauper. He is certainly a Yoga Karaka as He can turn anyone’s yoga to extremes. His influences in human lives can be mild, strong or very powerful in changing luck factors into either good or bad. This effect depends on many factors, such as Lagna (ascendant), facing, position in the chart, and accompaniment of other planets. Most commonly, he is feared just by the name, but actually, He is the most benevolent giver. If He looks upon anyone with Sudrisht’ (favorable view), He can help anyone achieve the greatest success and turn them into a king (Raja Yoga) in a matter of seconds. His favorable influence turns people in leaders and helps them do very well in politics.
When He is in Kendra (Central) with Mangal or Kuja (planet Mars) in one’s natal chart, Shani can influence that person to turn into a very powerful leader with complete success in his political career.If Guru’s vision is in a favorable view, then Shani will be very generous and sympathetic. Shani will do a lot of good in this position.
Shani is a malefic planet by nature. He looks upon anyone with Vakradrishti (unfavorable view), that person can be destroyed in matters of power, financial, health and public relations and all material matters in life. The person who is subject to Vakradrishti (unfavorable view) will be a very unlucky person and face many hardships throughout his or her life. Every step of the way is going to be very difficult. But through constant prayer and good deeds, this negative effect can be controlled to a certain extent. He will yield unfavorable results. If Shani is placed in angled position ‘Kendra’, even after it is retrograded.
The people born in the NakshatrasPushyami, Uttarabhadra, and Anuradha — will have Shani Maha Dasha as their balancing Maha Dasha. The ascendants Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus will have good results in Sade Sati (7-1/2 years of the Shani period in the chart). For the remaining lagnas, He does harm, even for Aquarius and Gemini signs.

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