The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets jupiter

The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Jupiter

  1. Form: Jupiter possesses a big body. He is yellow in color. He is noble by nature. He is fat He has a big belly.
  2. Caste: He is a Brahmin by caste. His eyes are slightly brown (honey-colored). He is about thirty years of age.
  3. Temperament: He is exceedingly intelligent. He is very noble and generous. His speech is clear and pure.
  4. Guna: Satva
  5. Direction: North-east.
  6. Rays: Jupiter has seven rays.
  7. Grain: Bengal gram is assigned to Jupiter.
  8. He rules over Vedas, devotion, legal affairs, an elliptical shape, bankers/charity, religiousness, honors, children, reputation, gold, fine flowers, sugarcane, coconut trees, betel-nut trees, trees bearing sweet fruits (like mango etc.)’ beautiful houses in which much woodwork is displayed.

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