The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Saturn

1. Form: Saturn is dark in color. He had deep-set eyes and a lean and tall body covered with veins. He is dull and has large nails, teeth, and coarse hair. He looks downward. He is cruel and pitiless. His height is eight yojanas.

2. Temperament: Saturn is a tamasic planet He is cruel and pitiless. He is idle and slow.

3. Caste: Soodra caste.

4. Direction: Saturn governs the west

5. Rays: Saturn has five rays.

6. Significations: Saturn indicates evil nature, cunningness, impediments, wickedness, servants, mean acts, thieves, old dilapidated houses, bitter fruits, forests, fruits with thick skin, wildflowers, trees full of thorns, bamboos, Palmyra trees, margosa trees and wild animals.

7. Grain: Til

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