The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Venus

The Nature and Indications of the Different Planets: Venus

What is the meaning of Venus planet?

Form of Venus

Venus possesses 3 beautiful form. His limbs are well proportioned and charming. His hair is dark and curly. He has fine lovely eyes. His speech is soft and pleading. He is pleasure-loving. Venus is a feminine planet. He is sixteen years of age. He is considered to be a watery planet

Temperament of Venus

He is very passionate by nature and is given to enjoyments. He is a mixture of the two senses of humor wind and phlegm.

Caste of Venus

A Brahmin by caste.

What is special about Venus?

Direction of Venus

Venus governs the south-east direction. 4. Rays: Venus has eight rays.

Significations of Venus

He rules over white color, vehicles, fine clothes, beauty, wife, love affairs, fine arts, marriage, vitality, fame, sexual enjoyment, good qualities of character, jasmine, houses with much artistic beauty, parts, silver, bees, trees growing in watery places.

Grain of Venus


Strength of Venus

He is strong during the night and in the bright fortnight.

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