travellling in chart

Travels are read out from various houses 3-6-7-8-9-12. In each case there is a difference. Travel of 3rd house is not good; so also of 6th . Travels of 8th arise suddenly mostly for bad and of 12th to far Distant places. But that caused by 7th is happy sojourn. For short-time-often going to and for pleasure or Business. That of the ninth is the best that one earns name, fame and prosperity and foreign tour.


  • 8th house is considered for sea travel , while 9th housefor air travel.  In both the cases the journey can be across the seas or abroad .
  • 12th house/Lord is associated with residence abroad.
  • 3rd house/lord – Short distance travel.
  • 7th house/lord: Medium distance travelling and professional/business tours.


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