Tula, the seventh sign of the zodiac, represents that stage of cosmic ideation in which Spirit is completely immersed in matter. At this stage, the soul is ready for a change. Wherever Libra appears, materialization is intensified and the indicated aspect of life has become ready for spiritu-alization.

Libra is enigmatic. There is a seeming quietude at the surface, but inwardly there is dissatisfaction. The existing state of affairs does not meet the psychological requirements. This sign represents a critical balance between Matter and Spirit; the fullness of materiality is not enjoyed because there is an inner quest for the life Divine. Both forces being of almost equal

intensity, the aspect of life affected by Libra has fullness — but that fullness is not satisfying. This situation arises due to the dawning of spiritual awareness. Libra bestows material riches but does not allow the person to enjoy them. The sign is rightly represented by a scales of balance, symbolizing that this is where immersion in materiality ceases and spiritual awakening begins. Libra is masculine, movable and airy. These qualities show the method of its operation. Libra does not depend upon other influences to be effective. Wherever and however it operates, it will create an impact. That is its positive or masculine quality. It can never remain stationary: it will always impart a thirst for greater and greater achievement. Whatever one’s level of prosperity, Libra will always induce the ego to thirst for more. Outwardly, however, it does not create much of a show, for a great deal of its operation is psychological, for which reason it is said to be airy. Venus owns the sign, signifying that the sign is operating primarily in the realm of materiality.

The Sun’s debilitation and Saturn’s exaltation in this sign have connections with this trait.

The seventh sign of the zodiac is full of deeper implications, and an understanding of its mysteries might unveil many clues to the finer forces in Nature as well as those hidden dimensions of human beings which can be employed either for useful or nefarious objectives. Many of the meanings of this sign are suggested indirectly by such attributes as Tauli (weigher),

Vanika (merchant), Yuka (the link), and Tula (balance).

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