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Venus and jupiter conjuction

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter represents the husband in woman chart and Venus represents the wife in Men chart 

Venus and Jupiter conjunction

The Venus significance in astrology / Venus characteristics in Vedic astrology

Venus represents teacher of love, demons, clothing, jewelry, wealth, pleasure of life, relationships, comfort, convenience of luxurious things sort of automobile (car), air conditioning, and wonder within the house. Since Venus signifies pleasure, it is any reasonably pleasure sex, art, entertainment, interior decoration, something associated with having fun represents by Venus. Something that provide happiness and pleasure is Venus.

Jupiter significance in astrology / Jupiter characteristics in Vedic astrology

Jupiter represents hope, belief, guru, wisdom, teacher, the growth of the issue, information Jupiter conjointly represents a husband in an exceedingly female’s chart. It conjointly represents fortune, wealth, luck, teaching, family, children, devotion, morality knowledge, compassion, spirituality, and reference to the universe. All the nice events occur thanks to the blessings of Jupiter.

The significance of Jupiter and Venus conjunction in Astrology

Venus and Jupiter conjunction it makes a person intelligent, spiritual, learned, wealthy and well-liked. Since each of those planets represents wealth, and wedding partner in astrology, there’s a robust indication of a mogul or one who possesses lots important in life. Wedding partner comes from an honest family or could be a noble person. These individuals typically get sensible relation and youngsters and can be rich.

they each are a teacher in astrology, however, teacher of the various subject that’s why they’ll produce drawback in a relationship as a result of Jupiter teaches higher information, have philosophical read regarding life and need to show larger image of life, however, Venus is a worldly planet it doesn’t find it irresistible. That’s why married life lacks some happiness. However, it shows the growth of affection, relationships, and wonder at a better and a lot of religious levels. Jupiter expands the creativeness and creative talent of Venus.

1. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Aries / Mesha

 These individuals terribly restless, fast, courageous, energetic. They have enough bravery to precise their want in impressed means. These individuals bit aggressive crazy and relationship. These individuals are very energetic than usual. They’ll feel a lot of assured in their skills. They realize one thing exciting in their development whereas having some fun.

2. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Taurus / Vrishaba

These individuals have a sensible voice; they like singing and should show interest in poetry. They keen on feeding sensible food could it’s going to produce drawback the person may become corpulent. These individuals are terribly social and prefer to mingle with individuals and extend their life of luxury, and luck. They have sensible aesthetic feelings and prefer to dress well.

3. Venus and Jupiter conjunction  in Gemini / Mithuna

These people’s communication is incredibly encouraging and assured. they write relationship with some inspiration and have some hope in it. They are a sensible comedian and that they are terribly friendly and have some sexy behavior. 

4. Venus and Jupiter conjunction  in Cancer / Karkataka

These individuals have terribly robust got to connected with individuals by memory. they’re terribly generous and sociable and well likable by all. they’re terribly civilized and nicely dressed. they’re terribly kind inside. these individuals terribly dedicated to the mother and their own feelings. they’ll gain through feminine connected matters.

5. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Leo / Simha

 Here Jupiter will increase Venus ability to draw into the nice life, popularity, abundance, and pleasure and pleasure. these individuals have over positive and that they will have delusive ambition these individuals believe increasing the social life, fun, and generosity.

They’ll be indulgent in the pleasure of life and that they like gambling. they have to observe out their egos it is problematic in a relationship. 

6. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo / Kanni

 These individuals terribly sensual and is agreeable to the alternative sex. they curious about Construction of nonsecular and welfare establishments they’re caseworker and really optimistic. they gain through writing, speechmaking and serving to the society.

7. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Libra / Thula

 These individuals have a religious married life and are rich. they lead a cushy life. these individuals terribly balanced in their approach {and terribly|and really|and extremely} confirmatory to partner however very philosophical and religious in nature because of that have less materialistic happiness.

8. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio / Viruchigam

 These individuals much curious about the realm of occult science, faith, and philosophy, there’s a bent to be attracted towards all things hidden and mysterious of the life. they’re terribly intuitive, fact-finding in their approach they’ll be a magician. 

9. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius / Dhanu

 These are the noble qualities of the spiritual seeker, like being philosophical, prophetic, fond, generous, and humane. Also, they prefer to be charitable to others, and you will begin or work for a few charitable establishments. they need freelance thinking and leadership, dominating, enterprising quality.

Their sense of enjoyment comes from attaining higher information and knowledge. Their supply of passion in life comes from a partner who will guide them with the sort of knowledge they obtain.

10. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn / Makara

These individuals are terribly Serious, sincere and straightforward, lovable, helpful in attitude. they need independent thinking and leadership, dominating, enterprising quality. they’re goal oriented terribly materialistic, rich and occupy a high leadership position in the carrier. these individuals quite indulgent in some reasonable enjoyment of life.

11. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius / Kumbha

These individuals have an interest in philosophy, work, and religious pursuits. the need to grow in mind, body, and soul and unite with the truth. they’re keen on discourses regarding a way to create life higher and a lot of noble. they need a psychological impulse toward the progress of humanity instead of for yourself alone. they’re actuality saint, while not the trimmings of austerity.

12. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces / Meena

 This the simplest conjunction. her Venus is exalted and Jupiter is own sign.in this sign, each planet facilitates one another. these individuals terribly religious, they get their partner who is incredibly warm and religious. these individuals have the gumption of intuitive power. they’re terribly charitable to others, and you will begin or work for a few charitable establishments.

These individuals could also be extraordinarily rich, blessed relation and offspring, fortunate. their relationship is going to be a true facilitate. here person like art and music and therefore the classical books and might be a sensible dancer.

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