First House

Sun. Sun 12th lord in Virgo in Lagna indicates that native will be fond of music, painting and poetry. Respected by rulers, being learned and intelligent when strongly aspected by Jupiter. Devoid from the comforts of father in early age. Loss of ancestral property. If Saturn aspected Virgo Lagna, it will make one lazy and easy going, make changes in your environments and you will form new associations and friendships. Secret sorrows. Gain through occult.

Moon. A joyous nature, short life subject to other checks. Not so well respected, more daughters, unsuccessful hopes and desires. Diseases of windy nature and cough are indicated. Good and sincere friends and gain. Victory over enemies, fortunate actions and successful hopes.

Mars. Comforts from wife and friends. A learned, intelligent, clever and brave guy. Worried and troubles from opponents and enemies. Will be subject to disrepute, disputes with officers and relations. Selfish and self conceited nature. Fond of music, dance and pleasure of life. Gain respect in business. Medium length of life. A good progeny and helpful to others. Gain through writings and learnings.

Mercury. Wealthy and respected. Learned and blessed with long life. Will attain rank and authority till middle age. A kind hearted life. Good health. Honour through merits, success through industrious efforts. Gain through mother and Govt.; Reverse results if afflicted.

Jupiter. Gradual rise in life, Comforts from wife and progney. Respected, generous, skilled and endowed with wealth. A good hospitable and expenditure on ill health. Fond of scents and pleasureable life. An average life. Gain from land, property, inherited property, love of women and benefit through them, partnership. Public enemies.

Venus. Wealth, comforts from ladies. Popular everywhere, endowed with conveyance and property, but inspite of all worried and troubled. Defects in eyesight, gradual downfall in life, unhappy old age, loss of money in youth will be recovered in old age. Long journeys, learning, wisdom, fortune with strangers, Foreigners, wife’s relations and voyages. Interest in science, law, inventions and philosophy.

Saturn. In friend’s house, lucky and well respected, well wishers of all, gainful for brothers, worried in middle part of life, long lived. More careful for self respect. Immovable property and land, well respected by Govt; and superiors. If Saturn is retrograde or weak, then reverse results will be enjoyed by the native. Many love affairs.

Rahu or Ketu. Average financial set up. Many enemies, may there be a loss of any limb, loss of property and diseased.

Second House

Sun. Sun is in debilitated sign in second house of finance. It indicates, over spending, under debt, troubled and worried native Disputes in family. Early life troublesome due to parents, defective eyesight. Loss of wealth in vices. Gain through secrecy, occult and animals, if aspected well.

Moon. Wealthy in middle age. Troubled eye. A big family, more daughters, gain from business and trade. Gain through friends, own hard work or legislative interest.

Mars. Clever and critics. Under debt, loss of property due to vice habits, troubles and worries in life. Money through educational affairs, Journeys and writings. Fortunate. If afflicted reverse results.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent, soft spoken, gain from education and blessed with wealth and comfortable life. Cautious for his respect. Gain from his business. Gain by industry, trade, profession of Govt., offices. If afflicted and combust losses and wants and reverse results.
Jupiter. Learned and well skilled but will be disrespected. Relations with many women. As average financial status and will be
under debt. Gain by marriage, land, property and estate.

Venus. Lucky and wealthy. A comfortable life respected and gain through elders. Two mothers. Gain from business and trade
from foreign merchants, learning, publications, travel or banking.
Saturn. Worried and unlucky, devoid of mother’s comforts and affection. Short life, unlucky in early part of life, but lucky and wealthy in last part of life. Gain through children and investment. Loss through servants.

Rahu or Ketu. Troubles and worries, litigations and loss, Death of parents in middle of life, residence in foreign country. Victory over enemies. Loss of wealth in disputes and litigations.
Third House

Sun. Gain in foreign land, lucky for brothers and victory over enemies. But he will suffer from his brothers and sorrows. Troubled journeys. Occult science.

Moon. Early life will be troublesome, less comforts from brothers. Gain due to sisters. A comfortable and pleasureable life. Will face happiness and unhappiness alternatively. Friendship through kindred, neighbours and gain.

Mars. Adulterous and licentious. Loss of wealth and ancestral property through women and bad habits. Brave and good relations with brothers. Victory over enemies. Affliction of chest and heart is indicated. Gain through learnings, writings, short journeys and brothers. Psychic and mysterious experiences.

Mercury. Troubles and worries and middle age, no comforts from brothers, loss through litigations, Inspite of the fact that native may be a lawyer or have a command over law yet he will suffer and bear loss in litigations. When afflicted. Otherwise respect, gain, honour and advancement through wife’s relations, short journeys, writing etc.

Jupiter. Love and affection with brothers. Religious, learned and wealthy. He will gain through women and brothers. Marriage with relative or neighbour. Legal or religious disputes.

Venus. Adulterous and licentious, two marriages or wives or keeps. Influence of the opposite sex and gain through them. Gain of wealth in middle age. Victory over enemies. Gain through travel, learning, research and writings.

Saturn. A large family and many relations. Fair minded, victory over enemies and wealth. Will be benefited through other’s wealth. Difficulties from brothers. Liking for travels, sport, drama and adventure. Mental sickness.

Rahu or Ketu. A troubled. Loss of wealth due to displeasure of Govt.; and superiors. Strained relations with brothers. Loss or property due to cheating, so one should be very cautious.
Fourth House

Sun. Well respected and wealthy. Blessed with long life, famous, loss from ancestral property and all comforts of life. Will own his self created property. Death of mother in middle age. Secret sufferings, restrictions and limitations at the end of life.

Moon. Gain from business and trade in unauthorised manner. Death of mother or devoid of her comforts in early age. Troubles and worries in middle life. Gain in inheritance. Fortunate in property. Love to father.

Mars. Respect and gain in foreign country. Journeys, gain and comforts from mother and her relations. Death of mother in middle age. A comfortable and happy life. Gain in property of the deceased.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent. Blessed with long life, wealthy and comfortable life. Owner of land and property. Gain from mother. A comfortable residential house. But he will be a miser. Gain from mother and land. Gain through land, mines, inheritance and from father. Success late in life. Occult investigation. Interest in colonization, reclamation, cooperative, horticulture, mining, architecture etc.

Jupiter. Intelligent, learned and wealthy. Long life, blessed with property and land but disrespected. In middle life, one will rise, successful hopes and efforts and will be blessed with comforts of life and wealth. Property by marriage and chaste wife. Happy married life, assistance of father. Loss through storms and floods.

Venus. A handsome native. Comforts from conveyance, land property and mines. Well respected in middle age and death of mother. Scientific and gain through inheritance.

Saturn. Lucky, respected, loss of ancestral property in early part of life. May be source of loss for parents of mother Loss of money. In middle of life, worries, litigations, devoid from mother’s affection and distressed. Sickness of father through changes and worries. Lucky in latter part of life. Love of home.

Rahu or Ketu. In early age one will settle at one place. After that residence and gain in foreign land. Source of worries for mother and loss to her relations. Changeful life.

Fifth House

Sun. Learned, intelligent and interested in Astrology. But a troubled and worried life. Progeny will be considerably delayed, may be blessed with a son after middle age. Unwanted and insincere friends. Short period or comforts in life. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love, speculation, children or gambling.

Moon. Gain of money in foreign country. Blessed with children. Relations with elder brothers will be good. Gain from children. Rheumatic or windy complaints. Pleasure in life through friends and beneficial circumstances.

Mars. Many enemies, early life will be troublesome, bad company, thievish nature, danger through excessive pleasure, resorts. Danger of death of a son in middle life. Old age will be comfortable, the native will have wealth, property and will lead a prosperous life. Unfortunate children. Long journeys.

Mercury. Early troubled and worried life. Unhappy from children. After middle age, there will be gain of money, respect, rank and authority. The native will be sincere and intelligent. Success through pleasure, sports, speculation and children.

Jupiter. A troubled and worried life. Loss of ancestral property. Enmity with children. Disreputed and disrespected. No comforts from progney. Death of son in youth. Financial conditions will be below average. Gain and pleasure from father’s fortune.

Venus. Wealthy, learned, intelligent and a man of authority and rank. More daughters. Gain through wife in middle, age a happy and prosperous life. Blessed with conveyance, property but under debt. Gain by speculation, investment, children, liberal or unconventional. Free living, pleasures, journeys, voyages and foreign trade.

Saturn. Worried, distressed in early life, not very intelligent, loss of ancestral property, birth of children who will remain sickly. Love affairs. Journeys in foreign lands, disrespected and under debt. If Saturn is aspected by Jupiter, reverse are the results. Also death of young son and gain from children. Adventure, speculations or investments. When afflicted reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Disrespected and troubled by the Govt.; No comforts from progney. Worries and loss through enemies. In old age may get some comforts through children. There will be many troubles and worries in early age.

Sixth House

Sun. Early life will be comfortable. After middle age, the life will be full worries and troubles. Loss of wealth through relations and opponents. Diseased. Ill famed, troubles through employees.

Moon. Residence in foreign land. No comforts from wife children of elder brother and loss through enemies and opponets. More journeys in middle age. May the health be afflicted due to T.B., cough, rheumatic, pain etc., faithful servants. Interest in social service.

Mars. Punishment from the Govt; loss of ancestral property. Grief from brother and wife. Many enemies but will have victory over them. Poor and under debt. Disrespected and ill famed. Injury through journey. If well aspected reverse the results.

Mercury. Ill health and lean body, average life, troubled and worried life, loss through enemies. May be the cause of loss to maternal relations. There may be some reversal in profession. At times in life there will be gain and happiness. An average life. Gain through food, clothing, employees etc. Modest worldly position. Gain and honours through service and employment.

Jupiter. Loss through opponents, a troubled and worried life. diseased mother, Strained relations with wife. No gain from mother, Under debt in early age. Also disrespect and ill fame. Stomach disease. In old age, he will be relived of all troubles, will gain money and leads a comfortable life. Sickly wife, loss through servants. If well aspected reverse results.

Venus. Many enemies, adulterous and licentious, strained relations and loss through wife. Loss of wealth, disrespected and ill famed. Sickness through traveling. Gain through inferiors when not afflicted.

Saturn. Victory over numerous enemies. Worried, displeasure from Govt; at times, litigations, troubled, diseased, danger and loss of wealth and respect. Gain and good relations with superiors and officers. Blessed with conveyance, and good health. If Saturn is week or retrograde, evil effects will predominate. If well aspected by Jupiter reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Average financial status. Diseased and troubled. Many enemies and loss through them. Disrespected and under debt. Loss and worries from Govt and superiors.
Seventh House

Sun. 12th lord posited in 7th house indicates strained relation with wife. Diseased and unhappy. No comforts from ancestral property. Litigations with the Govt; and disfavour from officers resulting loss of wealth, prestige, and reputation. Under debt, victory over enemies. Troubles from contracts, partnership and law suits. Troubles through women.

Moon. Respected and famous gain from business and profession, lucky brothers. Wealthy and will enjoy kingly status. A devoted, beautiful and virtuous wife. Relations with opposite sex. In middle age, the native, will suffer loss and troubles due to his wife. Success in law suits.

Mars. 8th and 3rd houses lord in 7th house. Gain from ancestral property. But troubled married life. Two marriages. Ladies will be quarrelsome. Less comforts from first wife. Gain through rich partner, money comes unexpectedly.

Mercury. Of course lord of Ascendant aspects ascendant.
A learned and intelligent native. Medium life span. Wealthy but gain through some art and own labour. May there be two marriages, Head of a family or village etc. and able administrator. There will be some worries and troubles in youth. A lucky and happy life on the whole. Gain through law suits. Honourable marriage and respect and honour through it. Partnership in responsible concern. Fond of opposite sex. If afflicted and combust then reverse results are indicated.

Jupiter. In own house aspecting Lagna. Wealthy, respected and famous. Blessed with high rank, authority and powers. Gain from marriage in a good family, wife will be virtuous and respectful. Gain from inlaws. Will enjoy a kingly status. Success in law suits, untrue partner.

Venus. Adulterous and licentious. Fond of music, dance and opposite sex. His wife will be beautiful but out of control and of opposite temperament. Voyage and native of authority and power. Gain through law suits, contracts etc. Honour and reputation through honourable marriage.

Saturn. Poor, little education, mean profession and bad company. Under debt, wife not beautiful and diseased but faithful and loved by her husband. The native will be licentious and adulterous. Quarrels or law suits with servants. Difficulties with disreputable women and sickness. Discord with children. Loss by theft.

Rahu or Ketu. Weak health and lean constitution. Wife will be of opposite views. Troubles in youth. But the native will be intelligent and respected, Comforts and happiness after middle age. Residence in foreign land. In old age he will lead a comfortable and happy life.
Eighth House

Sun. Sun is in his exalted sign but lord of 12th house in 8th house of friend Mars causes Vipreet Raj Yoga. It will give worries and troubles in the start of any work, but the same will meet with success in the end. In middle of life there will be comforts and happiness. Enmity with opponents. Troubles from superiors and Govt; Loss in profession and property. Unsatisfactory end, troubles over inheritance.

Moon. Chandrashtama is termed always bad, indicates mother, and mind, controls breast, stomach, uterus, ovaries etc. This position indicates short life, troubles and worries in life. Separation from parents in early age, many brothers and sisters. The above parts of body will be afflicted in the middle of life. Death of friends, gifts or legacies from friends. An easy demise.

Mars. First half life will be joyous and comfortable. Otherwise many enemies. Under debt, bad company and loss of ancestral property. Blood diseased will afflict the native. False accusation, journeys on account of troubles. Gain by dead. The native will be spiritual.

Mercury. Weak constituion, diseased and troubles. Loss of wealth, property and also litigation and disputes for ancestral property. Short Life subject to other checks in birth chart. Death of persons in family. Gain by legacies and good of the dead. Occult experiences and mediumistic.

Jupiter. Strained relations with wife, under debt and troubled. Grief of children, early life will be happy but sudden downfall, troubles and worries will upset the schedule of life resulting in loss of wealth and respect. Last part of life will be happy. Death of wife, some inheritance but difficulty over it. Gain by legacy or estate.

Venus. Upto middle age happy and comfortable life but after that one will face troubles, worries, loss of wealth and of ancestral property. Health will also be afflicted. Gain by long journeys concerning legacies or goods of deceased.

Saturn. Poor and lucky, youth life miserable, loss and grief in middle life. Loss of ancestral property and children. Reversal in service. Afflicted health with bile. It is also called Ashatma Sani. Financial reward for faithful service. Loss through speculations and gambling.

Rahu or Ketu. Troubled and worried middle life, danger from animals. Under debt. Short life. Success in litigation. Old age will be happy and comfortable and will be blessed with respect and wealth.

Ninth House

Sun. Birth in a respectable family Respect, authority and power from Govt; and superiors, Early life will be unhappy. Gain and happiness during middle life. Kingly ranks and comforts wealthy and famous. Gain of wealth, comforts and happiness. Long journeys, secret missions. If afflicted reverse are the results.

Moon. Happy relations, with brothers and relations, well respected, wealthy and honest. Rank and authority from Govt; Last part of life will be troublesome. Gain through long journeys. Friendship with high ups.

Mars. Fond of journeys, death of parents in old age. Loss through father. Gain due to one’s hard efforts, wealthy, respected and man of rank. Death in a distant land. Long journey, gain through honour or renown through writings. Journeys with mother.

Mercury. Intelligent, learned and respected, Loss through father. No gain from his education. Average finances and comforts. Long journeys, religious or psychic, inventions and prophetic dreams. Gain through in-laws. Gain through learning, writing, publishing etc.

Jupiter. Blessed with long life, respected, birth in a good family. From middle life there will be gain, comforts, authority and kingly life. Marriage to a stranger and gain. Foreign travel. Gain through in laws, science, religion and long journeys.

Venus. Intelligent, wealthy and fortunate. Blessed with property. Marriage in early age. Respect, comforts and authority like a king. Honourable voyage. Gain through learning, writings, publishing, research, and a good mother.

Saturn. Lucky to some extent, early part of life difficult. Loss of wealth and property. Last part of life happy, Sickness while travelling. Dutiful children and pleasure in foreign land.

Rahu or Ketu. Proud, intelligent and respected. Devoid from comforts of parents in early age. Residence and gain in foreign land. There will be troubles and worries as the age advances.
Tenth House

Sun. Respected, wealthy and famous. Brave and scholar or Astrology. Will lead a pious life, power and authority from Govt; More respect after middle age if well aspected, otherwise reverse results.

Moon. Respected and generous. Many servants, gain from agriculture land. A good profession, conveyance and comforts from parents. Friendship with those in good position and gain therefrom.

Mars. Can not work in a subordinate position. Changeable profession.
Strained relations with parents. Self made man. Death of mother. Rise due to inheritance. Renown through writings when well aspected, otherwise reverse result.

Mercury. Changeable profession and worries in early age. Wealthy. Gain through profession, office of Govt; and employees. Favour from mother. Respected and enjoy comforts of life after middle age.

Jupiter. Intelligent, respected and wealthy. A professor or lecturer etc. and gain through this profession, trade or Govt.; work. Gainful and obedient to parents.

Venus. Religious, preceptor and wealthy teacher, kingly status, wealthy, power and authority. In middle life he will be at helm of affairs. Gain by occupation, trade, Govt.; and inlaws. Success in foreign affairs.

Saturn. Non religious, anti to parents, licentious and adulterous. Low type profession and dishonest. Cruel to subordinates and a cheat. Honourable children renown in speculation, honour through national activities.

Rahu or Ketu. Skilled in many arts and will earn respect and fame. Intelligent and generous. Helpful to others. Journeys to foreign land.
Eleventh House

Sun. Lord of 12th house in a friend’s, house and in 11th house. This will bestow fame, respect, wealth and prosperity on the native, Wealthy but extravagant. Commanding speech. Comforts from conveyance and birth in family if well aspected otherwise reverse result.

Moon. Respected and famous. A good profession, wealthy and comforts from conveyance. Power and authority from Govt.; generous, charitable and helpful to others. Gain through friends, friends among unique, ingenious, original or radical people. Well defined hopes and wishes.

Mars. Loss of wealth and property. Under debt. Downfall in life. Non-religious, liar and a cheat. Friends through journey and gain from them. Successful hopes. Gain and legacies through friends.

Mercury. Happy and comfortable life. Wealthy Respect and regards from rulers. Knowledge of many languages. More prosperous in old age. Friends in high ups and gain from them. Honourable future. Ambitious ideal. Successful hopes and wishes.

Jupiter. Kingly status and comforts. Lucky and respected. Long life. Respect and gain through brothers. Generous, wealthy, comforts from conveyance and charitable. A native of power, rank and authority. If, afflicted reverse results.

Venus. A comfortable and joyous life. Blessed with good palatial buildings and houses. Comforts from conveyance. Not so close to relations with opposite sex. A good and successful, argumentative. Disgrace and worries in old age. Fortunate friendship on voyage and with foreigner. Accidental fortune.

Saturn. Quarrelsome wife, unhappy life, disturbed married life, disrespected, under and defamation during middle part of life. Hopes attained through acquaintances, interest in politics and social welfare.Love of children.

Rahu or Ketu. Cautious for his respect, forceful talk, wealthy, respected and famous. A good rank, charitable, generous and happy old age. But death of elder brother and if alive grief and troubles to him on this account.
Twelfth House

Sun. Respected, famous a man of good rank and authority. Cautious for the respect of family. Devoid from comforts of parents in early age. More respect and fame after middle age. Victory over enemies. Occult science. Power of inner understanding.

Moon. Fond of travelling, voyages, extravagant, short life, relations with opposite sex, comforts and gain in old age. Deceitful friends, gain from occult. Pleasure in peaceful, quite, harmonious or secluded places.

Mars. Loss through enemies, no permanent source of income, loss of land and many reversals in life. Difficulty over inheritance. Great sorrows. Secret sufferings, danger of enmity and imprisonment while travelling.

Mercury. Intelligent and learned but no gain from education. Worried and sad. Grief of parents. In middle age one will earn well and blessed with all comforts of life. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness. Occult gain. If afflicted reverse results.

Jupiter. Residence in foreign land. A man of power, authority from early age. May be a judge or magistrate. Wealthy, generous and honest. Many servants. In old age he will also enjoy more respect, comforts and wealth. Afflicted health. Occult learnings. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows. Fear of imprisonment.

Venus. Food of conveyance and blessed with the same. Wealthy and owner of property and palatial residences, conveyances and houses. Extravagant, occult. Gain by affairs of secret nature.

Saturn. Middle part of the respectful, victory over enemies, unhappy life on the whole, poor will be troublesome, under debt and troubled. May remain out of his home, ups and downs in life. A worried life. Happy old age.

Rahu or Ketu. Psychic and spiritual experiences. Unwanted expenditure. Worries loss of wealth in disputes and litigations. Disfavour from Govt, and superiors.

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