First House

Sun. When Sun is posited in Lagna it is in Taurus sign and in enemy’s camp. Such a native will be of rash temperament, fond of scents and luxuries; interested in cloth business like as ready made garments, general cloth etc. Comforts from wife and conveyance is indicated. Such a native should not enter into partnership with any body otherwise he will suffer loss unless 7th house is aspected by Jupiter. Fond of dress and self make up. These persons can be tall also. Gain through inheritance, land and property.

Moon. Moon is Taurus is strong and exalted, will indicate a wealth man, of fair complexion and sanguine temperament. Will respect elders. He will be intelligent, lucky and attain high position in life. He will be blessed with more sisters then brothers. Such a native will have influence of opposite sex on his life, fond of good food and dress, He may suffer from cough or bronchitis in life.

Mars. Mars in Taurus is strong and in enemy’s sign. Such persons are found to be very cautious about their self respect. He will be obstinate, or rash temperament, clever and unsocial. Wife will be of afflicted health. He can be subjected to poor blood circulation high blood pressure but even heart attack cannot be ruled out. Dependant on his children and troubles in hopes. His health will not be robust. Comforts from children and threats from enemies is indicated. He will be proud and will try to overpower his wife, Relations with other women and gain through them. Normally he will not stay at his home and will have more comfots outside. Danger of imprisonments and wound.

Mercury. Mercury is in friend’s camp. Such a person will be intelligent and learned. He will plan his affairs in advance and will be blessed with success. Wealthy, open minded, sexy and under the influence of opposite sex. He will have medium span of life. He will enjoy comforts of family life, wealth and children. The parents of his mother will also be quite wealthy.

Jupiter. No doubt Jupiter is in enemy’s rasi. It is lord of 8th house so malefic; but since here it is posited in Lagna, it is quite strong. It will confer rank, authority, respect, wealth and blesses with long life. Self respected and comforts from wife and progney. Quite, social, generous and will hold a good rank in society. Very kind to lower rank persons. He will waste his property and may come under debt. He will be courageous and make donations. He will have gain from foreign trade of export and import. Legacies, overpower his enemies and obstacles.

Venus. Venus is in his own house. The person will be of beautiful, stout and of well proportioned body. He will enjoy long span of life. Learned and respected by the Govt.; he will have a position of authority. Wealth and comforts from conveyance. Attracted towards opposite sex to the maximum, (one should restrict this as this may not become a source of disrepute and troubles in life). Such a native will over power his enemies. He will be popular, happy and sexy and fond of scents and luxurious life. On the whole, he will be respected and lead a comfortable life. Troubles through servants. Will have beautiful and attractive wife. If afflicted, one may not be involved in sex scandals and disputes due to woman.

Saturn. Saturn is in friend’s camp aspectecting 3rd, 7th and 10th houses. A yogakarka. One will be shy, immoral, less comforts from wife, relations with brothers will not remain cordial, education will be limited, not so witty and intelligent, reversal in profession, destroyer of ancestral property, relations with Govt.; and officers will not be harmonious. If other aspects and yogas indicate, may commit suicide. Long journeys, fortunate with strangers and foreigners.

Rahu. In case of Rahu, the native will reside in foreign land. He will enjoy respect, regard, high status in life and will be a man of authority. He will face some difficulties in middle part of his life.

Ketu. If Ketu is posited here, one will not have any permanent position and profession. He will suffer at the hands of enemies.
Second House

Sun. Sun posited in second house is in a good position. If confers
wealth and status in life, gain from agriculture, land, property and estates is indicated. He will have a forceful and effective speech. One will face litigation on account of property. Trouble through eye disease, A man of word and authority.

Moon. Moon in this position will give limited progney. Wealth and comforts will be a one’s command. One will be inclined to non-religious activities of sweet speech but not clear and worries through opponents. Money through educational affairs, short journeys and fond of music etc.

Mars. One will be in Govt.; service and will be surrounded by the opponents. He will be blessed with wealth and property but the same will be wasted. Last part of life will be troublesome. Others will be benefitted from his assets. Gain from children is not indicated. Gain by marriage and secret affairs and methods.

Mercury. No doubt one is born in poor family but he will be learned, soft spoken, intelligent, beautiful and wealthy. Eyes will be afflicted. Gain from business and trade. Gain from children, pleasure and investment.

Jupiter. Learned, intelligent, command over many languages and scholar. No accumulation of wealth. Middle part of life will be troublesome. Losses and a troubled life. Realisation of debts, gain through deceased and friends.

Venus. One will have a good complexion, stout and well proportioned body. Influenced by the opposite sex. Sweet speech. One will have hazel eyes. Losses through other women. Wealthy, learned and a native of attractive manners. One will make efforts to gain money. Gain by marriage. Intelligent out spoken and fluent in speech. He may have two marriages (subject to other checks). If Venus is afflicted one will have illicit relations with opposite sex for the sake of money.

Saturn. Devoid of comforts from parents, greedy, will face financial difficulties in life, weak eyesight, more expenditure than income. In middle part of life and during 14th, 36th, 48th and 60th years of life, one will face difficulties. Gain through foreign merchants and persons and publications. Gain in profession and from Govt.

Rahu and Ketu. Position of Rahu and Ketu in second house of Taurus Ascendant is not auspicious. This denotes poverty and troubled life. All property and wealth will be wasted. One will not be respected by the people and Govt. This position also indicates that one will work outside his place of residence. Danger of poisoning in the life is denoted.
Third House

Sun. Sun in Cancer is in friend’s house and deprives a native from the comforts of elder brother but brothers will be lucky. He will have low paid job. One will suffer from syphilis and diabetes. His wife will also suffer from blood defects. The eyes of native will be afflicted, may reside and travel with relatives. Father is put to sorrows.

Moon. Moon in own house, confers one with wealth, good rank and authority. One will be learned and intelligent. More sisters than brothers are indicated. Benefit from higher education. Good deeds and speech. Inclination towards religious work.

Mars. Devoid from comforts of brothers. Younger brother will suffer a loss, of rash temperament, disease of ears. Relation with widows are indicated. His wife will be a patient of blood circulation. Not virtuous and will be of unhealthy thinking. Legal or religious disputes, troubles on short journeys. Occult Learning.

Mercury. Coward, gain from brothers, sexy, immoral, relations with opposite sex. A good artist. He may suffer from secret diseases like syphilis etc. Gain through education, writing, neighbours and short journeys. Will marry in a respected and wealthy family. One will be endowed with authority and wealth. But the wealth and property will be wasted in disputes due to women. More daughters than sons. Belly trouble is indicated. Psychic and mysterious expenses.

Venus. Long life, happy, wealthy and well respected. Happy married life, gain from inlaws and good position and respect through inlaws and sisters. Journey to foreign land. Fond of music. One will suffer from rheumatic pain, cough and bronchitis. Marriage with some one of kin or to a neighbour. Legal troubles or disrepute with a woman during journey or in foreign lands. One needs caution in choosing life partner. Not so romantic.

Jupiter. Jupiter in Cancer is exalted.This is not a happy position and indicates wealthy, and learned, but all will be destroyed and one will be under debt. Early part of life miserable. Death of brothers. Property litigations. No gain from brother. Young age will be somewhat happy for a short duration.

Saturn. No happiness from brother, diabetic, defective eye sight, brothers will be prosperous, strained relation with younger brother, sickly wife, abortions and break in education. Progress through research, and travels. Gain through in-laws. Honour through journeys and Govt.

Rahu or Ketu. Lucky brothers, Trouble in eye. Less comforts from brothers. Average profession. Loss and wastage of time in property litigations. Break in education.
Fourth House

Sun. Sun is posited in own house. It denotes gain from ancestral property. In middle of life, litigations due to property. Good conveyance, property and wealth but still unsatisfied. Mother’s parents will suffer loss. Reversal in life. Last part of life uncomfortable, loss of property, strained relations with relatives. Loss through storms and floods.

Moon. Moon posited in Leo sign indicates travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. If afflicted or weak troubles through brothers over the above.

Mars. Diseased body, loss of land and property, weak and diseased mother. Not good for uncles and maternal uncles. Strained relations will relatives. Property by marriage, chaste wife and happy married life. Limitations at end of life.

Mercury. Happy life after 30th years. Wealthy, well respected and trade in many items. Gain from mother’s parents. Death of mother in young age of the native. Love of home. Gain from parents, land or mines.

Jupiter. Religious and charitable, wealthy, learned, and well respected. Blessed with happiness, property and land, Honest, even tempered and man of good deeds. Comforts from wife. Gain of ancestral property and legacies.

Venus. Of fickle mind, learned respected, and man of authority. Promotion and gain in middle part of life. Happy, comforts in life. Gain from brothers. Troubles through servants. Sickness through worries or domestic affairs.

Wife will be beautiful and assist her husband. Despite opposition from wife in domestic matters marital life will be happy. If afflicted, specially by a planet connected with 8th to 12th house, native may gets imprisonment due to women. Faces a lot of defamation at the hands of women.

Saturn. Abundance of enemies, early death of mother, reverses in profession, ancestral property will be destroyed. Not much favour from father. Low type profession. Gain through in-laws. Scientific inheritance.

Rahu or Ketu. Strained relations with relatives and brothers. Comfortable life for a short period otherwise troubled life. Movable property will be destroyed.

Fifth House

Sun. Sun in Virgo indicates a good family and property, early death of parents, obstinate, shortage of progney, loss of property. Troubles and turmoils due to death of elders.

Moon. Learned and intelligent but no gain and comforts therefrom, abundance of opponents, relations with opposite sex, less gain from children. More daughters. Pleasure through journeys, children, brethren and travel.

Mars. Grief from children in middle of life. Poor, ill famed and sorrowful life. Loss by speculation. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love and speculation.

Mercury. Wealthy and man of authority. A good administrator. No birth of son and no gain from children. There will remain no heir in families of uncle and grand uncles. Gain through speculations, investment and
entertainments in life.

Jupiter. Intelligent, learned, wealthy and famous. Will lead a comfortable and prosperous life. May go to foreign land due to some property disputes in the family. Much happiness and pleasure through children and friends. Loss through speculations.

Venus. Womanish nature and fond of music and dance. Many professions, death of wife in youth, more daughters, sexy, influence of the opposite sex, weak constitution and may be deprived from the comforts of life. Sickly children.

It is its debilitated sign. Cunning and clever to trap ladies. Sexual relations with other women and of other’s wives of sake of pleasure and entertainment. Not real love for his wife. No problem in married life. If afflicted, scandal due to woman in sex relations.

Saturn. Sickly, immoral, shortage and death of children. He will be devoid or progney even after two marriages. No benefits from parents, loss of money, strained relations with elder brothers. Liberal and free living and pleasure in journeys.

Rahu or Ketu. Immoral, no comforts from children, any limb of the body may be lost. Troubled and worried life. Will be a source of trouble to the parents.
Sixth House

Sun. Sun is debilitated in Libra and is not favourable, may cause early death of mother in early age. Troubled and sorrowful life. Ancestral property will be destroyed. Strained relations with relatives. Will be a source of loss and worries to mother’s family. May build his own house.
Moon. Will be arrested due to some blemishes, obstinate, and sorrowful. Quarrelsome and ill reputed. Disease of ears. Difficulties through brothers. Sickness or injury through journeys.

Mars. Worried from opponents, litigation of property and travel to foreign land. Danger from fire and animals. After youth, life will be miserable due to many obstacles and troubles. Disease of blood.
Mercury. Worried, no gain from education, poor, loss of wealth through employees. Restless and no accumulation of property and Sickly wife.

Jupiter. A good friend, sweet speech, worries from opponents, diseases. Danger of ill fame in youth. Unsuccessful in hopes and faithful servants.

Venus. A diseased and worried wife, danger and loss through enemies, less comforts from relations, defective health and no sincere friends. If well aspected then good health, gain in service, from poultry, medicine or social service.

Wife is normally of manly features and behaviour. Beautiful voice but slightly harsh. Such persons get good and beautiful wife but charms fades away after marriage, causing differences after some period.
Saturn. Victory over enemies. Well wisher of all and good friends, wastage of money, less comforts from relations and loved ones. Ill health fear from animal and thieves. Benefit from Govt. rich, tactful and malacious, difficulty in foreign land.

Rahu or Ketu. Loss through enemies, troubled and worried life, most part of life will be through turmoils and losses. Loss of wealth through women.
Seventh House

Sun. Respected, a man of high rank and authority with powers of administrator. Success and happiness due to relatives. Diseased and worried wife. One will be intelligent, generous and judicious and a good and powerful politician. Will have step mother. After the age of 40th years he will attain more fame and authority. If afflicted loss of property through marriage of partnership. Bickerings in married life.
Moon. Quarrelsome, wicked and obstinate. Very tactful and mischievous.He will have influence of opposite sex, loss through wicked women. Favour from Govt., and officers. Marriage through journey or to one of kin.

Mars. Devoid from comforts in early part of life. Worries and disturbed mind from wife. Wise, clever, good orator and argumentative. Cruel and plans fruitlessly for his advancement. In middle of life he will meet with success, respect and will be blessed with wealth, Success is law swits.

Mercury. Up to 40th years of age, one will lead a life of worries, troubles turmoils. Early part of life will be more troublesome. Disputes and losses in profession and worries gets wealth and happiness from wife. Near the age of 50th years, one will be relieved from worries. Favour from Govt.; and officers and rest part of the life will be happy, discord with children, love with partner. Gain by marriage, contracts especially with women.

Jupiter. Intelligent, clever and learned but devoid of wealth. Married in a respected and reputed family but inspite of all resources, influence and capability, there will be no success and comforts. Many enemies. Not good profession. Under debt. Will earn moderate money through many sources after struggle. A rich partner or to whom money comes unexpectedly. Success in law suits.

Venus. Immoral deeds, fond of music, dance and opposite sex. Attracted toward vices. Bad and objectionable company. More than one wife is indicated. If afflicted, marital unhappiness, loss and troubles through law. Employees trouble.His wife will be tall and lean, soft skin and pretty but slightly quarrelsome and selfish. Not cooperative with family members. Extravagant. Wants to rule the family. Native will maintain balance in stress and strain and troubles. Native will not have much pleasure from his wife and go to others. Marital unhappiness. If afflicted, native may get disrepute because of woman or girl involved in sex scandal. May suffer from diseases due to over indulgence in sex.

Saturn. No comforts from marriage. Two marriages (subject to other checks), indifferent, rich, devoid of respect and wealth unsuccessful in efforts and profession. Delayed marriage and unhappy married life. Marriage to stranger whose relatives will oppose. Gain through Law suits.

Rahu or Ketu. Rash temperament, obstinate and quarrelsome. Many opponents and enemies, disputes in life, ill fame due to actions of his wife. Disrespected and ill famed, people may hate him. He will be worried and diseased.
Eighth House

Sun. Sun in Sagittarius is strong but here Sun is posited in 8th house which indicates that the native will be worried and under debt. Not so wealthy. Less comforts. Disputes with everyone due to undue interference in all affairs. Any part of the body will be defective. Quarrelsome, cruel and sorrowful. Less comforts from parents. Gain through Legacies.

Moon. No ancestral property, early life troubled and miserable. Less comforts from mother and brothers. False accusation, or death of brethren.

Mars. Early part of life will be happy. Last past of life will by full of troubles and turmoils. Under debt. Untimely unhappy death. Loss of property, wealth and respect.

Mercury. Dependent on others. Loss of respect and prestige. Worries and troubles during youth. Loss of wealth, under debt, subordinate position in life. After 30th years of age, one will suffer series of miseries. Will suffer from diseases connected with blood. Gain through Legacy or money of partner. Suffers through children.

Jupiter. A good crafts man but no gain from that. Unhappy and under debt. Will engage himself in many professions but will remain worried and financially tight. Loss and troubles through friends.

Venus. Loss of wealth due to women. Death at some auspicious place. He will engage himself in many professions. Loss of wealth. Danger of some secret disease. Gain by the dead. Spiritualistic experience. Death of friends, gift or legacies from friends. Troubles from wife and expenditure on account of her. Native is licentious, passionate and debauchee. One is involved in illicit relations with opposite sex.

Saturn. Long lived, punishment by the Govt., not well respected. Thievish nature, unscrupulous and unhealthy. Gain by long journeys, estates, law suit and insurance of deceased persons.

Rahu or Ketu. Early part of life will be troublesome. Danger of death from poison or enemies. Troubles and loss through wicked persons. Happy life from middle age.
Ninth House

Sun. One will be famous, respected, Govt. Servant and a person of authority. Good deeds enmity in family due to agriculture landor property. Troubles, disputes with relations of wife due to property. Middle of life will be troublesome and full of turmoils, after that life will be happy and comfortable. If afflicted, Loss to foreign property and in above matters.

Moon. Gain of ancestral property. Famous and good businessman. Comforts from parents. Gain from trade and business. A comfortable life provided the Moon is strong in pakashbala and well aspected. Long journeys and gain through publishing and Science.

Mars. Lucky, famous and born in a respected family. Favour and authority from Govt. One will hold a magistrarial post but he will be strict and cruel in behaviour and decisions. Will be entangled in many cases but will be exonerated after efforts. His brothers will also be lucky and hold a good position. Marriage to a stranger from after foreign travel. If afflicted shipwreck etc.

Mercury. Changeable profession. Command over servants.Connections with high ups. Suspicious, a man of powers. The most suited profession for him is trade and business. Gain by books, long journeys, philosophy and science. Dutiful children and pleasure in foreign land.

Jupiter. Birth in a respected family. Low deeds. Malacious thoughts and actions. Loss and unfulfilment of hopes. Journeys, loss and troubles through journeys. Death in a distant land by drowning or voyages.

Venus. A dutiful and faithful wife. Early marriage. Gain from in-laws. Learned, intelligent and respected. A man of good thoughts. An honest worker. Long journeys, prophetic dreams or Vision.

Such natives are normally lucky after marriage. In case of death of wife, good luck and comforts disappears. His wife will be tall, round face, proud and short tempered. She is selfish. Helpful to husband. Wife will be more involved in wordly affairs rather than family members. If afflicted, marriage will be out of caste or to a widow in older age. Illicit relations. Not good relations with parents. Unliked by women. May have relations with friend’s wife etc.

Saturn. Learned, respected and intelligent, strong Willed, selfish, covetuous, suspicious, prudent, loss of wealth, strained relations with elder brothers. Inheritance from wife’s parents. Prophetic dreams, many fine qualities, Gain through learning, writing, publishing and research.

Rahu and Ketu. Troubles and loss through opponents unpopular, less comforts from parents and one may not be an ardent follower of his religion and may change to other.
Tenth House

Sun. Sun in Aquarius in 10th house incites the native to remain out to
control of his parents, father will thus remain angry and it is a probable that one may be denied from the ancestral property. One is self conceited and obstinate, and will be respected by people. Field of political career is suitable for such a native. He may join any service in latter part of his youth. There may be some troubles in service and one may earn displeasure and disfavour of Govt. and officers.

Moon. A good rank and profession but danger to respect.
One may be devoid from comforts of children and parents. Troubles and grief from brothers. One will remain indebted to others. Gain through journeys, writing and professional pursuits.

Mars. Death or separation from wife in youth. Grief from children, loss of wealth and property. One may loose his savings even. A troubled and worried life. His profession will be somewhat odd like smuggling, murders etc. One can be exiled from the city or country.

Mercury. A good businessman, teacher or professor. Bad deeds. Less
respected. Grief from a son, merchandising, Govt. and in-laws.

Jupiter. Learned, intelligent and well respected. Generous, honest and good deeds. Learned in Vedic, ancient literature and Ayurvedic science. A few sons, will command respect in people and will hold a position of command and authority. Death of native through war or violent death.

Venus. Gain through wife, fond of music, poetry, drama from childhood. A lucky wife. Blessed with good house and conveyance. All luxuries of life will be available to him. A good rank and position of authority. He will be owner of land, palatial buildings, respect and good top position in society. Gain from land, estates and property. Care should be taken that Venus is not being aspected by any malefic planet. Temperamental incompatibility exist between husband and wife. Two marriage can also be possible. Normally such persons are very calculative, and attach least importance of marriage, neither, have any relations with any woman and prefer to remain unmarried. If they marry then after accumulating money and when well establishing in life.

Saturn. Saturn in 10th house is posited in own house. Contrary to others, the author is of definite views that it will make the native practical, able, diplomate, ingenious, well versed in machinery, residence in foreign land, technocrate. Strained relations with father. Honour, credit, and esteem through science, literature or travel.

Rahu or Ketu. Immoral acts, residence in foreign land, many journeys, will leave his place of birth. Changeable and low profession. Worried and unlucky. Loss through opposition and backbitting of opponents.
Eleventh House

Sun. Sun in Pisces is strong and in his friend’s house. It indicates that the native will be greatly benefitted through Govt. and Govt. service. He will be respected and have a post of authority and command. Generous, good fame and comforts from relations. There will be some danger to respect and profession in the middle age. Elder brother will be well fixed up. The native will lead a comfortable life. Many hopes and wishes attained in old age.

Moon. Clever and obstinate. Low profession, there will generally be obstacles at the time of promotion and gain. Diseased, troubled all ill fame. People will not respect him. He will interfere in the property affairs of his sister. Sometimes he will get respect but on the other hand will also be defamed and carry ill repute, Friends through journeys, fruitful hopes and gains.

Mars. Abundance of agriculture land and gain there form. Gain of money from disputes and litigations. Frequent journeys in life. Danger from enemies. Confrontation with some big family in middle age.

Mercury. Low profession, under debt and poor. Shortage of money. Old age not happy and full of troubles. Accidental fortune. Fruitful hopes. Love for children.

Jupiter. Learned and well educated. Wealthy, but wealth will be destroyed through sons and relations, No sincere friend’s and opposition from relations. Loss and troubles through women. Death among friends.

Venus. Gain of wealth through women. More than one marriage. Respected and famous. Favour from Govt. and officers. Comforts from property and good conveyance. Sexy and licentious. Extravagant. The life will be comfortable and native will lead a luxurious life. Wishes attained, large circle of gainful friends.Interest in legislative and political activities.

One is immoral, sexy and licentious. Spends money on women for sexual pleasures. Contacts with ill reputed ladies. Entices and seduces the women for pleasures etc. Gain of wealth through women.

Saturn. Diseased and of weak constitution, lean body, devoid of wealth, loss of money, scheming, will face difficulties. Less comforts from brothers. Fortunate friendship on voyages and with high ups. Ambitions ideals.

Rahu or Ketu. Poor, under debt, ill famed, diseased and troubled. Low deeds and actions. At times, one will face humiliation before elders.

Twelfth House

Sun. Sun in 12th house is exalted. It will confer respect and authority to the person. Long life. He will hold a position and authority like a minister. Lead a very comfortable and luxurious life. Will spend a good part of life in mountaineous region or area. Will command more respect and gain in foreign countries. Afflicted health. End of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult subjects.

Moon. Voyage. Danger from Govt. and officers. Not so happy, extravagant, early part of life troublesome. Good deeds and also charitable spending. Sorrows through brothers. Occult Learning. Danger of enmities or imprisonment while travelling.

Mars. Wastage of money in property and ligitation. Service in Army.
More than one wife. Old age will be miserable and loss of money. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows and death at the hands of enemies.
Mercury. Learned and skilled in many arts. Gain from business and hardwork. Little happiness. More expenditure than income. Moderate wealth. A good planner and man of strong WILL-power. Capable of making inventions. Inclined to good deeds and will act for the betterment of people. Gain through secret methods. Sorrows through children.

Jupiter. Under debt, a preceptor of religion, journey to foreign land, generous, good deeds but some time will act in an immoral way. Difficulty over inheritance, fear of imprisonment and deceitful friends. Good friendship with occultists.

Venus. Skilled, poet and fond of music, dance and other women. Licentious, changeable residences. A good author, gain of wealth through drama, dance and even from immoral trafficking of women.
More pleasures of beds with opposite sex. Becomes immoral. Highly sexed. Spends money on women for the gratification of sex desires. Wife is normally quarrelsome. Connections with organisations involved in illegal and immoral activities related to women.

Saturn. Loss of office and honour etc. through business associates who will become enemies also and through religion, science and journeys. May seek seclusion in middle part of life. Difficulties in employments.

Rahu. Sinful deeds and actions secretly. Extravagant and watery

Ketu. Wicked deeds and spending on the same, wealth will be destroyed, eye diseases and quarrelsome. There will be many enemies.


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