Sagittarius Ascendant - Dhanu Lagna


  • If Venus and Budha occupy any one of the houses viz. 7th, 8th or 10th the native will be a Vyabhichari.
  • If Venus and Mars occupy 10th and 7th houses the native will be an adulterer. Here the aspect of Mars on Venus is important.
  • If the lords 10 and 4 be Venus and Mars the native is an adulterer (Here also the mutual relationship of Venus & Mars figures).
  • If Venus occupies 10th house from Moon and Saturn occupies 10th from thence the native will be a profligate. (Here the mutual aspect of Saturn & Moon is present. Saturn is not aspecting Venus. As such why Venus is introduced is not known Saturn should be in 11 to Venus).
  • Venus, Budha and Saturn should be in 7 or 10 to Lagna in a house owned by Venus to make on a profligate.
  • When lord of 6 occupies any one Dustana the native is a Vyabhichari.
  • Lord of 2, 7 and 10 in 10 make one a Vyabhichari.
  • When the lord of 7th house is in conjunction with Nodes and aspected by a malefic make the native a profligate.
  • Venus occupying a Varga of Mars or Saturn and be aspected by them respectively make one a profligate.
  • When Venus and Mars are posited in 12 to Karakamsa the native will be of loose morals.
  • Same is the case if Ketu is in 9 to Karakamsa.
  • Lord of 2 in 3 or 4 to Lagna.Lord of 7 in 1 or 7, lord of 7 in 2 or 12.
  • Venus in 7 occupying the Varga of Mars or Saturn or aspected by Saturn or Mars.
  • Moon with Mars and Saturn in 7th house – the native and his wife will be adulterous.
  • When Moon or Venus posited in a Kendra related to a malefic occupy a Krura Shastyamsa and with very little exaltation strength the native will commit incest with his own mother, same is the result when Moon and Sun related to malefics occupy a Kendra, malefics in 4 aspected by malefic and results are above.
  • Lord of 4 related to a malefic and be devoid of any benefic relationship and when the lord of lagna is weaker than lord of 7 the Native will have intercourse with a woman equal to or on par with the mother.
  • Lord of 7 in 4 related to a malefic and posited in malefic Shastyamsa the native will have intercourse with his sister. Same is the result when Saturn is in 4 and related to a malefic.
  • Sun in 7 makes one to have intercourse with a barren lady. Same is the result if Mars is in 7th house – but here the time of intercourse will be when she is in her monthly course.
  • Venus or Rahu in 7 – the Union will be with a pregnant woman.
  • Moon in conjunction with a malefic occupies 9th house, the native will meet his teachers wife. Same is the result if Moon and the lord of 9, or Venus with lord of 9 be conjoined with a malefic.
  • Moon in 9 make one to meet a woman for advance in age.
  • Lord of 9th house in debilitation – the intercourse will be with a relative of his preceptor.
  • Lord of 1 and 6 in conjunction with Malefics-an adulterer.
  • Waning Moon with a malefic in 7th house or if lord of 8 & 9 are together.
  • Lord of 7th be conjoined with a malefic. Budha in 7; Venus and Guru with malefics occupy 2, 6 or 7 Bhavas, Lord of Lagna with a malefic, Lord of Lagna in Lagna.
  • If three of the Kendras are occupied by malefics, the native will cohabit like a quadruped.

There are some more yogas connecting Mon, Mars, Venus and Saturn with 3 or 4 or 7 or 12 Bhavas or 12th Bhava to Karakamsa

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