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What is Lagna, Bhavas House Meaning

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What is Lagna, Bhavas, House Meaning

The birth chart is a presentation of planets and Zodiac in the sky, relative to native at the time of birth. For casting birth chart/horoscope, we must know the position of planets in the zodiac and the position of the zodiac w.r.t. to the native. Lagna is required for getting the position of Zodiac.

What is Lagna

Due to rotational motion of the earth on its axis (one rotation in 23 Hours and 56 Minutes), the entire zodiac appears rotating around the earth from east to west. Obviously, it also takes 23 Hours and 56 Minutes for one rotation. The Rasi rising in the east at the time of birth is defined as lagna. The persons born in the same lagna would have received almost similar cosmic influences if planets are ignored. Therefore Lagna plays an important role in making forecasts about a person. The effect of a planet is dependent on the lagna.

What are Bhavas(Houses)

The Lagna is defined as first house of the birth chart of the person. The next rasi is called the second house, the next to it is called a 3rd house and so on. The influence on a planet depends on (1) the rasi occupied it (2) the lagna of the native (3) the bhava in which the rasi occupied by the planet falls.

The following table describes what a bhava represents:


1 First Self, health, entire body, overall personality, head
2 Second Face, right eye, money
3 Third Brother/sister, bravity, neck, small journey
4 Fourth Mother, mind, heart, mental peace, education, vehicle, house
5 Fifth Children, intelligence, stomach
6 Sixth diseases, enemies, abdominal
7 Seventh spouse, married life, urogenital system
8 Eighth life/death,
9 Ninth fortune, religious deeds, fame, long journey
10 Tenth father, job
11 Eleventh income, profit
12 Twelfth expenditure, loss, left the eye


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