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Sawan Somwar Days in 2018

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Sawan Somwar Days in 2018


This Srawan or Sawan month is very auspicious. We worship Lord Shiva in Shravan month. Shiv devotees keep fasts during this month to get blessings of Shiv Shankar. Many devotees keep 16 Somwar vrat in Srawan month. 

Every Monday of Srawan month is dedicated to Lord Shiv and every Tuesday for Goddess Parvati (Mangal Gauri Vrat).

Sawan month is starting from 28 July 2018 to 26 August 2018

Sawan Somwar Vrat Dates 

30 July (Monday) Sawan Somwar Vrat

06 August (Monday) Sawan Somwar Vrat

13 August (Monday) Sawan Somwar Vrat

20 August (Monday) Sawan Somwar Vrat



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