Break in Marriage Lines

Break in Marriage Lines

In a divorce or break up of a potential marriage/love relationship there will be a break in the marriage line . This too is destiny . The lines on the hand give an indication and reassurance that this was the destiny of that relationship. Lessons needed to be learned,and possibly Karmic ( reincarnation ) clearance of the past was needed. Learning to release that “type” of person from ones life and learning to change ones character are necessary “heart-break” lessons .Wherever there is a break in a marriage line, there will always be another marriage line , by this indication, gives a person reassurance that the break-up was necessary and that a more suitable relationship is waiting in the future

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A straight heart line if often associated with a person who is emotionally closed andunpassionately controlled, especially if the head line is more clearly defined than theheart line.The more curved the heart line, the more emotional and sensual the subject. Peoplewith curved lines are not afraid to demonstrate their emotions and have an intrinsicallyloving nature . A powerful heart line is always associated with a creative person .Whether they are an artist , builder, architect , gardener , writer , designer , fashion model, singer , songwriter , musician , inventor … etc . Whatever career pathway thepassionate heart line is always an excellent indication to creativity . The creativeenergy contained within the soul is simply an expression of loving emotions .

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