Spiritual Practices and Tips for Raising your Vibration


In Hinduism, the practice of cultivating spirituality is known as sadhana. Japa, the silent or audible repetition of a mantra, is a common Hindu spiritual practice.Tantric practices are shared in common between Hinduism and certain Buddhist (especially Tibetan Buddhist) schools and involve the deliberate use of the mundane (worldly, physical or material) to access the supramundane (spiritual, energetic or mystical) realms.

Affirmative Prayer

We call it Spiritual Mind Treatment.


The practice that transcends all theologies, brings inner peace and provides Inner Wisdom.


The practice of paying attention to the present moment while objectively observing oneself and others.

Music, Singing, and Chanting

Moving our hearts via the energy and power of sound.


The realization that all good has already been provided here and now and giving thanks for what is now.


A simple, positive statement in the present tense, focusing on the Good, which leads the mind to perceive a different reality, expand the focus on that good and see the good in all things.


The practice of revealing the creative spiritual dimension and the non-physical Reality of any situation.

Giving and Receiving

Conscious participation in the Law of Circulation, circulating Universal Good.

Sacred Service

Sharing our gifts by participating from our hearts in the Greater Community.


Mudras: Bhoochari Mudra

The active practice of compassion and the process of releasing judgments (with ourselves and with others).


A form of contemplation and reflection from the heart.

Walking in Nature

As known and stated by Emerson and Thoreau, there is an amazing power and intelligence revealed while spending time in nature.

Tips for Raising your Vibration

Taking a bubble bath

Making pottery

Taking time to meditate on family and friends

singing in the choir

nature walks


learning about the universe

studying evolution

studying astronomy




family dinners


Mudras: Bhoochari Mudra

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