Shoolini Mantra Benefits

Shoolini Mantra Benefits

Shoolini, (Sanskrit: शूलिनी) is the principal form of the Goddess Durga, also known as Devi and Shakti.

Maa Shoolini the Mahashakti, the form and formless, is the root of knowledge, wisdom, creation, preservation, and annihilation. She is Shakti or power of Lord Shiva.

Maa Shoolini manifested with the blessing of Lord Shiva to Tame Lord Vishnu in his 4th Avtar of Narsingh ji and to protect the universe as Narsingh ji as he was becoming threat to the universe due to his fury

Maa Shoolini is also popularly known as Dharavi, Dhuru ki Devi, Shoolini Durga, Shivani, Shalini Devi, Saloni Devi, Salonee Devi, you can call her with any name, what matters is the purity of heart. She is also called “Paharon ki Rani”, “Queen of Mountains or “Queen of Himalayas

ॐ शूलिनी देवी विदमहे
महाशक्ति च धीमहि
तन्नो देवी प्रचोदयात

Truth is

Shiv hi Shakti hai, Shakti hi Shiva hai,
Shakti Shiv bina adhuri, aur Shiv bin Shakti adhure
Shiv hi Mahesh, Shiv hi Vishnu, Shiv hi Brahma
Shakti hi Parvati, Shakti hi Laxmi, Shakti hi Saraswati.
Shiva Shankar Bola Jati Sati, Aadha Shiv Aadhi Parvati
Jo samajh gaya woh paar hua, jo na samjha woh mand mati

Mantra Benefits

Remove Fear

Remove Scaredness

Remove Negative Energy

Remove lot of Friction

Remove Akaal Mrityu

Remove Emeny

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