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The Meaning of Moles on Body Parts

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The Meaning of Moles on Body Parts


Mole on Eye

A mole on the outside corner of either eye shows a sober, honest and steady disposition, much inclined to the pleasures of love; it foretells a violent death, after a life considerably varied by pleasures and misfortunes; in general, it foreshadows that poverty will keep at a distance.

Mole on Eye

Mole on Foot

A mole on either foot shows a melancholy and inactive disposition, little inclined to the pleasures of love, given to reading and a sedentary life; they foretell sickness and unexpected misfortunes, with many sorrows and much trouble, an unhappy choice of a partner for life, with disobedient and unfortunate children.

Mole on foot

Mole on foot


Mole on Knee

A mole on the left knee shows a hasty and passionate disposition, extravagant and inconsiderate turn, with no great inclination to industry and honesty, much given to the pleasures of Venus, but possessed of much benevolence; it indicates good success in undertakings, particularly in contracts, a rich marriage, and an only child.  On the right knee, shows an amiable temper, honest disposition and a turn for amorous pleasures and industry; it foretells great success in love, and the choice of a conjugal partner, with few sorrows, many friends, and dutiful children.

Mole on Breast

A mole on the right breast shows an intemperate and indolent disposition, rather given to drink, strongly attached to the joys of love; it denotes much misfortune in life, with a sudden reverse from riches to poverty – many unpleasant and disagreeable accidents, with a sober and industrious partner – many children, mostly girls, who will all marry well, and be a great comfort to your old age; it warns you to beware of pretended friends, who will harm you much.  A mole on the left breast shows an industrious and sober disposition, amorous, and much given to walking; it denotes great success in life and in love, that you will accumulate riches and have many children, mostly boys, who will make their fortunes by sea.

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