Friday, May 25

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi

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Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi

Worshipping Prathyangira Amman relieves us from all kinds of dosham, accidents, enemies, diseases, wrath, curses, obstacles, black magic. She bears 8 snakes on her body. Her Potri Malai describes her as “Ashta Nagam Konda Kali Thirisuli”. Those who have Sarpa Dosham or often get scary dreams involving Snakes can worship Prathyangira Devi for instant relief. It is believed that Prathyangira Amman relieves us from Rahu Dosham and Varahi Amman relieves us from Ketu Doshams. Devotees who have experienced her Mahima have shared stories wherein by just spreading her kumkumam around the house or at the entrance of the house acts like a barrier and protects the house and family from Dushta Atma, snakes, and other Visha (poisonous) Jeevangal.

The following are Prathyangira Devi’s favorite foods

1. Panakam (jaggery crushed in pure water, flavored with cardamom, dried ginger) 2. Paruppu-Vellam Payasam (made with Kadalai Paruppu, Paitham Paruppu, Jaggery, Coconut and Pure Milk) 3. Ulundu Vadai 4. Ellu Urundai 5. Red Banana (Chevvazhai Pazham) 6. Pomegranate 7. Dates

The following are Prathyangira Devi’s favorite colors (for sarees)

1. Deep Red (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira & Ugraha Prathyangira) 2. Purple (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira) 3. Yellow (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira) 4. Black (preferred by Ugraha Prathyangira)

The following are special days for pooja for Prathyangira

  • Amavasya
  • Ashtami
  • Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Friday

Mantra chanted in Sri Maha Prathyangira Homam

Om Ksham Krishna Vasase, Simha Vadhane, Maha Vadhane,Maha Bhairavi, Sarva Shatru Karma Vidhdwamsini,Paramanthra Chetini, Sarva Bhootha Dhamani,Sarva Bhoothaam Pandha Pandha, Sarva Vignyaan Sindhi Sindhi,Sarva Vyadhir Nikrindha Nikrindha, Sarva Dhushtaan Paksha Paksha,Jwala Jihwe, Karaala Vakhtre, Karaala Dhamshtrey,Prathyangire Hreem Swaaha.

Slokam – 1

 Aparaajithaayaicha VidhmaheShatru Nishoodhinyaicha TheemahiThanno Prathyangirayai Prachodhayaath :

Slokam – 2

Ugram Veeram Maha ShakthimJwalantham SarvathomukhamPrathyangira Bheeshanam PathramMrityum Mrithyum Namaamyaham

Slokam – 3

Amma Prathyangira, Devi PrathyangiraSathyam Prathyangira, Sarvam PrathyangiraShozinganalluril Vaazhum PrathyangiraValvinaigal Theerkum Annaiye Prathyangira

Sri Prathyangira Gayatri Mantra

Om Aparajeethaya VidhmaheyPratyangiraya DheemahiThano Ugra Prachodhayaath…Om Pratayangiraya VidhmaheySathrunisoothiniya DheemahiThano Devi Prajothayaath


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