On Monday in Shukal Pakash, the Pooja be started. Follow- ing the above directions do the pooja and Japa Articles of Pooja The following articles of pooja are required, which include Red and white sandal, rice, bil patri, fower, Meva, milk, camphor, Red and white cloth, Bill, fruits, ghee, sugar, curd, honey, Bindoor, Ganges water, Dhatoora, Betal leaves, long, Supari, Nachi and Gule Madar.

After giving a bath to Lord Shiva with milk, curd, boney gbee, sugar and Ganges water, tilak be applied with Chandan and Sandor. Offer washed rice, Bil Patri 1eaves, Gule Madar, Dbatoora, fruits, Pan Supari, long, Ilachi before the Lord.

Light ghee lamp and camphor and start Aarti and pooja. During whole progress recite the Beej Mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”. Mantra -Recite the Mahamritanje Mantra with Rudnaksb rosary for oDe lacs times in 40 days and Homa be performed for 10,000 mantras

We have provided this auspicious mantra already and be referred. After pooja daily, do Surya Namaskar.

Use of water The water offered in a jug to Lord SHIVA can be used in the following ways.

1.This water is sprinkled and given for drinking to the patient, one will be cured.

2.If this water is sprinkled on the seat of the shop where owner sits will increase the sale and acquisition of wealth.

3.If somebody is affected with souls or spirits, the water is sprinkled on such person, who will be cured or can be taken by him as a dose.

 4. In the room of pregnant woman or where she gives birth to a child, if the water is sprinkled out such a woman, and child will remain safe from all diseases.

For fatal diseases In case of a fatal disease offer black til mixed with milk to Lord SHIVA and lamp be lighted with Til oil, one will be cured It is sure to act.

NOTE -During Pooja, if black flowers or sky colored flowers are offered to Lord SHIVA, the lord is appeased and appears in dream

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