Wednesday, July 18

Abhichar Nasak Agore Mantra

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Abhichar Nasak Agore Mantra

उगत तारे भय भुन्सारे ! जहा अघोरी आन विराजे ! लकड़ी जले मुर्दा चिल्लाय ! तह अघोरी वीर किरकिराय मेरी भक्ति गुरु कि शक्ति देख देख रे अघोरी तेरे मंत्र कि दुहाई


Sit down at the crematorium and chant it regularly for 21 days, after the chanting of Moss liquor in the house, should be offered to the burning person after chanting! Get the full power of the mantra and then experiment! Abortion is the destruction of ghost phantom disease Dakini Shakini! Bheerav shield protect the security! You can contact us for the mantra of Bhairav armor

EasyPad: Red
Clothing: Red
Garland: Chandana or Rudraksh
Direction: Sitting on the side of the head
The night in the morning


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