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Lord Krishna Black Magic or Bad Eye Remedy Spells

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Lord Krishna Black Magic or Bad Eye Remedy Spells

This shabar mantra is related to God Lord Krishna to remove the bad or evil effects of black magic and bad eye effects

Om Namo Adesh Guru Ka |
Hriva mein Hari Daahine |
Hari Haavo Vistaar |
Aage Peeche Hari Khadya |
Raakhya Sirjin HaarChamak Bijuri |
Gaajant Nursigh |
Fatat Khanbh |
Aavta Kaal Raakh |
Chaar Chakr Lai Nusingh Ji Ke Aage Mail |
Itna Sun Dur Jaay Pade |
Praat: Kaal katak, Chalchidr, Khechra, Bhuchra, Jalchara, Thalchara, Bhootdaan, Naatak, Chetak, Maar Maar, randi ka teen sau aath |
Ultant Nursingh |
Plntat Kaya |
Bhagat Hetu Shreenusingh aaya |
Kapil Ke saudr rup shree nursing bali |
Sada Sahaay |
Shree Gobind ke Charnaarvind Namaste |
Meri Bhakti, Guru Ki Shakti |
Fure Mantra Ishwarovacha |

Till 40 days in the morning before sunrise chant, this spells daily 21×108 times. Spells Power will be active. Now dusted the Patient with peacock feather such process will remove all types of hurdles and problems of black magic or evil eyes.

The Final Instructions of Grandfather Bhishma


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