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Different Spiritual triangle

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Different Spiritual triangle

  1. Dharma Trikona: The 1st house i.e. the Lagna, 5th house and 9th house is known as dharma Trikona.
  2. Artha Trikona: The 2nd house, 6th house, and 10th house is called Artha Trikona
  3. Kama Trikona: The 3rd, 7th, and 12th house is called Kama trikona
  4. Moksha Trikona: The 4th, 8th, and 12th house is called Moksha Trikona

Dharma Trikona

Dharma means Responsibility or duty which we should do. Like the dharma of a warier is to fight. How we execute a work or how we do our duty that is defined by this trikona.

Kama trikona

Kama trikona is the desire or the motivation of the work.

Moksha trikona

Moksha trikona is most important for spiritual growth. Moksha means overcoming of gain or desire. In Moksha a soul becomes from the cycle of birth and rebirth.


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