For Miran On Sunday aak milk and ash of cremat ground be mixed together and with the pen of kekar or of write any yantra of Pandrah digit on aak leaves starting starting with the digit from 9 to 1 at evening time and time the name of person on it Recite the mantra for 108 times and put in the funeral pyre by doing so boils will appear on the body of the person who will not survive.

“ॐ भद्रेश्वर भद्र पूरय स्वाहा”

2, Vashi karaa

On Monday mix white Dhoob grass, white Dhamchi and milk of kapila cow and the ink thus be made. write on Bhooj Patra and wear in neck.

Raja and others will favour. Uchhattan On Tuesday with blood of crow using wing of asw is pen write the Ysetrn on paper.

Write the name of enemy on it. Keep silence at the time of writing Yantra. Bury this Yastra os the chawkhats of enemy.

It will create Uchhatan in his family. Mei -Miz Nagketar and Grachan on Wednesday. With or Aanar and write the yantra on a paper pen of Pomegreaade Make a wick of yantra and in Sarsoon oil lamp, burn it, at Moos or is the evening. Write the name of person, who will be infatuated 5, Akarsias During the night of Thursday, make as ink of Gorochaa, Tagor and Ghat Write on Bbooj Patra with ink and pes of pomegrenade or Aanar. write thee name of the per sos oa the Yastra.

Bury it at place where you sit This wil casse Azkarsiaan. For we it 2- Friday make an ink with camphor, Bichh,Make a Wick of Yantra and in Sar so oh om P. Noon or in the evening. write the name of person, who will be infatuated ss, Akarsbau :-During the night of Thursday, make an ink of Gorochan,

Tagor and Ghat. write on BhoojPatra with ink and pen of pomegrenade or Aanar. Write the name of the person on the Yantra. Bury it at place where you sit. This will cause Aakarshan. or Wealth :-On Friday make an ink with camphor, Bichh, Kuth and Honey.

Write the yantra on Bhooj Patra with pen chameli and wear in the neck. One is blessed with wealth. This is tested one. 7. For Death Make an ink from coal of cremation ground on Saturday and with pen of wood of funeral Pyre write the traoa a paper. Write the name of enemy on the yantra and bury in the cremation ground, the enemy will die.

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